Is this a properly deburred flash hole?


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Dec 16, 2007
Gillette, WY
is this flash hole properly de-burred? I bought one of these tools when I first got into reloading, but never really used it since. LOL. Is this set too deep?

Hard tell with the black background. The idea behind deburring the flash hole is to remove particles of the punched internal brass. Just smooth those out and you are good to go.
Looks a little deeper than it needs to be,but it should not hurt anything.I just remove the burr and stop when I feel it's gone.I find some cases need very little work,but then there are a few that you can really feel the burr.
You've de-burred it slap in two!!

I feel for a resistance, which is the burr(s). Once that's gone, I'm done with that case. Never have to do it again. JohnnyK.
The purpose of deburring is exactly that: debur only. You are not supposed to "ream" the hole. One quick turn and you should be done.

I can't tell from the pic but you must be **** strong because you split the case long ways. :D
This is a case of "Less is more".

Some flash holes will have a fingernail on one side and this affects the flame front.

It needs to be removed only to the surface of the case web (Flush). more is not nessary
and may weaken the web.

To much chamfer will also effect the flame front(Burn)of the powder by dispersing it, so I would
back off a little.

I just did the brass for my 300wm. I could definitely feel that some had more "grab" than others. I just went until the "grab" stopped and set the depth adjustment and did all the others with that depth.
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