Is Kimber M84 .308 good for long-range

Nov 4, 2009
Newbie here. My Kimber M84 .308 is a fine looking rifle, but how does it rank in terms of a long-range shooter?

I have a Nikon Monarch 3-9x40 BDC scope on her.

I know it's a light mountain rifle, but just wondering if it's long-range gun. I hunt mainly deer, and I don't reload (yet).

Only one way to find out! Take it out and send some rounds down range. Kimber is a good name but does not make great guarantees about accuracy. You either got a great gun or you didn't.
Makes sense. :) I need to buy different kinds of rounds to put through her. I had a good grouping last week. I really need to work on my marksmanship skills, too.
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