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Yes, look at the nimrod pinnacle pack for your base set up. Then you can get the gear pack bag for meat that buckles on, it stores in pack, our a aluminum frame also adds on. They where the first with the buckle on rifle scaboard also. Have other packs that buckle on the base pack for more storage and lots of acc. I just ordered my 3 rd one today, handed one down to son that I have used hard since 02

Thank you for the quick reply. I will have to look into this, as I don't want to buy more than one. By the way, I have a son to hunt with, who will likely use it as much as I!
If you are looking for just one pack for everything I would reccomend the Eberlestock "Just One". This is by far the most versatile pack around. It will compress a simple 2200 ci pack and it expands to over 6000 ci. Honestly if you can only own one pack this is the one.
Re: Eberlestock vs. Outdoorsman's?

I'm reaching out - so I don't have to buy both packs:
I'm looking for a pack for hunting/hauling both gear for spike camps as well as being able to haul home the meat. I'd like a pack that'll convert into a nice little day pack, while have the frame to carry home the meat at the end of the day. Is there one pack that'll do it all? Eberlestock's or Outdoorsman's?

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Might check out the Kifaru Long Hunter Hauler. It comes with about 1K cu. in. of space to haul stuff (This is also a detachable fanny pack) on the packframe with a swing down platform to haul out your game on. This thing is designed to carry some serious weight if need be. I've had over 100 lbs. on it several times.

2838008120068902019S600x600Q85.jpg Snoop around the site some... The 'Gun Bearer' is a great piece of kit as well and comes standard.

Edit: and check out the Gun Bearer System: Low amount of movement required to access, hands free system and quick enough access to be able to trap shoot (faster than a shoulder sling and the trap shooting is just and example used to indicate how quickly the system alows you to deploy your rifle). Used this for years and am very happy with it. Rifle is very accessible and weight is supported on the hip belt making it very comfortable to carry this way. With an Eberlestock scabbard where the rifle is between your load and your body, the load is moved away from your center of gravity--exactly the opposite of what you want to do when creating a backpacking load that will move with you well. Kifaru's system doesn't do that and is much more quickly accessible with less movement. The Gun Bearer can be purchased separately and used in nearly any pack. My brother did this for a Lowe pack and is very happy with it.

When I was working my way through college as a smokejumper in the early 90's for several years, we routinely carried loads x-country that exceeded 120 lbs. and I can tell you this Kifaru Long Hunter Hauler is one of the most comfortable heavy hauler packs I've had on.

They are custom sized to your dimensions and if you have any questions at all, make sure and contact the owner, Patrick Smith, and have him walk you through the issue...he's more than happy to do it. He's also the past owner of MountainSmith, which before he sold it was a very well respected high end mountaineering pack making company.

You can make or purchase a packbag to go with the Long Hunter Hauler. I made my own and have a total capacity exceeding 8K cubic inches.




Integral fleece cover I made for quietness if sneaking..

More shots: Hunting Backpacking Equipment, etc. pictures from hiking & backpacking photos on webshots
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Here is what I like about the nimrod, it is a fanny pack, the fanny part detaches to have a smaller fanny, or add other buckle on upper packs for more room. O r the frame , very versitle. I have had a 100+ on my pack every year. I pack out 1-3 elk for the last 20 years with friends and such. packed out five one year and 3 in one week once
I use and old school backpack for a daypack, its been allover USA with me for yrs and yrs. For longer I use a couple 10.00 outside frame large backpacks I got at the flea market, they work great. For walking stix we got some nice sticks courtesy of the local beaver dam and put leather shoestrings thru them.
Loves2Hunt - Check out the Monster Fanny from Badlands. It should be all you're looking for!

terjeness - Both the Eberlestock and the Outdoorsmans will allow you to haul in your gear and pack out your meat. Due to the rigid structure of each, neither will convert to a "nice little day pack" so you will need to decide what is most important. They are both fairly lightweight and have straps that allow them to compress. Having used both, here's my opinions:

Eberlestock J107: Allows for huge expansion with purchase of exterior duffles, integral gun scabbard can also be used for your tripod, many pockets, hydration compatible, removable top pocket that turns into a very comfortable fanny pack, aluminum stays for structure, plenty of height adjustments on shoulder harness.

Outdoorsmans: the most innovative, superior hunting frame ever built, combines the comfort of an internal frame with the load handling of an external frame, plenty of pockets designed to handle spotting scopes, tripods, and other gear, hydration compatible, gun/bow carrying system, easily adjustable for height, bag can be quickly removed from the frame that includes a meat-carrying system.

Best thing about Badlands, Eberlestock, and Outdoorsmans packs? The Outdoorsmans carries them all! Give them a call at 800-291-8065.
What happens with an Eberlestock when you get in any kind of trees, brush, etc. and your rifle buttstock is sticking out of the pack behind you well over the top of your head (First low branch...?) or the muzzle is sticking down below the level of your butt and you want to sit down?

I don't know Eberlestocks' that well, so I'm asking these questions--do you place your bloody quarters, etc. inside the pack bag to pack them out?

If you happened to see the elk of your dreams at 60 yds while wearing your rifle in an Eberlestock scabbard, how much time and movement is required to put that rifle in service? Will that animal still be there when you are ready to shoot.

I'm sure they are great packs...many folks like them, I just wonder about a couple of the features now and again and think that some folks considering new packs should consider the pros and cons certain designs might have.
It depends on the rifle. My 22" barrel 325wsm doesn't stick out over my head, and tucks in just behind and beside my head. Now my 27inch barreled 300rum sticks out enough to get hung if you crouch down to crawl through alder or under blowdown.

You yank the rifle out like a sword... it comes out fast like a ninja movie from the 80's. My little light mtn rifle (6 pounds scoped) comes out much faster than my 14 pound heavy barrel... but try and get it back in. You pretty much have to take the pack off. I used a fastex buckle to attach my sling to a shoulder strap, I only use the scabbard when I am going in a long way, or have a serious day of elevation to do.

And you sit on the other cheek, kind of lay on one side. A pedal bike is no problem, but a quad... good thing my quad has racks.

You forgot about steep downhill. Once you pass 100% slope the tip of the scabbard touches the ground when going down.
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