Rifle scabbard for back pack hunting


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Sep 9, 2011
I have a band lands ox for an upcoming ibex hunt in nm. The ox has a configuration for carrying a rifle which is poorly placed. For this particular hunt I am planning on removing the main bag and attaching a smaller day pack and rifle scabbard to the frame with buckles or straps. Many scabbards i see will not fit a sendero, nor do they offer great protection for the rifle. Does anyone have a recommendation on a good scabbard that would fit this bill?
Funny you should ask about this! I have an Eberlestock scabbard that I bought new about 5 years ago for my Sendero with NF 5.5-22X56, but never used. I was just thinking that I should list it in the classifieds for someone who could use it. They cover the gun well and with all of the strapping on them, there are a lot of ways to attach it to your frame. If you added one of the buttstock covers, it would be nearly 100% covered. Not trying to sell it to you, but I believe something like this would work well for your purpose and if you are interested, PM me. Have a great day.
Take a look at kifaru's rifle carrying/pack method. I believe they call it "gunbearer".
We've used them for years and have found nothing better for quick access while using a pack.
I built my own "gun bearer". It took about 1 hour to cut and sew. Works great and fits on any pack I have tried so far.

Hey Hardtack, your "gun bearer" sounds interesting. Any possibility you have some pics of it and a little bit of insight on how you made it?


It took about 1 hour to cut and sew. Works great on my MOLLE II. I just bought a new pack (Lowe Alpine Saracen) and I am going to try it on that. The hip belt is very comfortable but has a bit different web set up. I don't see a problem yet as Clausewitz (German Murphy?) says, "friction" always is unseen.:)


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