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Apr 16, 2010
hey guys,
I want some good recommendations on packs. let me tell you a little about what i want to do.

i've used a fanny pack for a long time, but it's worn out and being held together with duck tape and para cord. I've been looking at packs, i would really like another fanny type pack with suspenders and maybe a way i can convert into more of a back pack if need be. this looks sort of like what i'm looking for RedHead Hybrid Hunt Packs

but i would like a larger fanny pack. a hydration system would also be nice for when i'm stalking. i usually hunt all day so i use it to carry my lunch, extra ammo, water and emergency supplies. i hunt in hilly country in mississippi, alabama, texas and swamps in louisiana. also going to Colorado in the near future and hopefully
thanks for adding the link
it's good, but i was really looking for something more like a pack cabelas had at one point, the hybrid 2 in 1 pack
I use one like this for my small pack.


I absolutely love mine. There's lots of straps to hang layers off as you adjust to temperature changes. There's plenty of room for anything that fits in the fanny pack. The hydration pack fits in really nice. The chest and waist straps keep it in place when running and it has a profile that easily fits within the width of the shoulders to make moving through trees and brush easier to do without snagging.

If you still wanted a little of the accessibility of a fanny pack, I've seen detachable pouches like the MOLLE web gear style that could be attached.

It's not as versatile as the one that you've posted, but this would be a good replacement for a fanny pack. It will hold all of the things you listed and has the hydration pack. It's truly amazing how densely they can be packed!

I'll see if I can scare up some pics of mine.
Check out the Black's Creek Westerner, Canadian, or Alaskan. All these are great packs. Their website has more packs also. You also might want to check out the Eberlestock site.
Check out Nimrod packs, they make stuff for fire fighters and smoke jumpers. But also hunting packs, I have 2 I like them so much , oneset up for rifle and one bow. And I am getting one for my son . They are modular, fanny is 2 piece, hydration, meat duffle, top pack, rifle scab,alum. pack frame, acc. holders. oNE IS ABOUT 10 yrs. old
I've been looking for a year now and I'm settling on Mystery Ranch. Their crew-cab is incredible. I was sold on them last fall when I visited them in Montana. It's funny funny when you walk in and the Badlands & Eberlestock pro-staffers are using Mystery Ranch when they are off camera.

Nimrod is good stuff too. I just like Mystery's design better.
I have not used the Black creek packs. But I have used the Badlands Monster Fanny pack, Works great for my archery hunts.
Take a look.
Isac would be proud of me!
Steve from the Outdoorsmans.
Eberlestock vs. Outdoorsman's?

I'm reaching out - so I don't have to buy both packs:
I'm looking for a pack for hunting/hauling both gear for spike camps as well as being able to haul home the meat. I'd like a pack that'll convert into a nice little day pack, while have the frame to carry home the meat at the end of the day. Is there one pack that'll do it all? Eberlestock's or Outdoorsman's?

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Yes, look at the nimrod pinnacle pack for your base set up. Then you can get the gear pack bag for meat that buckles on, it stores in pack, our a aluminum frame also adds on. They where the first with the buckle on rifle scaboard also. Have other packs that buckle on the base pack for more storage and lots of acc. I just ordered my 3 rd one today, handed one down to son that I have used hard since 02
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