How to fine tune my new .338 Edge?


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Nov 3, 2008
I have fired 47 shots now through my .338 Edge. After following the barrel run in program as per my gun smiths advice for the first 20 shots I have been trying some 3 shot groups.

At 100 yards I have shoot nine 3 shot groups. These groups range in size from 18mm to 30mm. Now this is not exactly outstanding performance.

I started off using my Harris BiPod off my wooden shooting bench with carpet under the BiPod, but was getting vertical stringing. I then tried shooting with a front bag and a rabbit ear bag down back.
The shape of the groups is now more rounded but still no smaller.
I did notice that having the front bag in a different position under the forend slightly changes the shape of the groups. If it is way up front then it strings vertically just like off the BiPod but not as much. Closer to the action and the groups are more rounded.

The first two shots are usually close together but the third is always out by itself. Now this rifle has a 30” Heavy Lilja barrel so I would have thought that it could handle stringing three shots together without heating up too much that it effects accuracy.

I have tried a few combinations of powder charge and seating depth, but the groups don’t seem to be getting any smaller. The bullet I am using is the 300 gn SMK and velocities are from 2820 to 2890fps depending on the charge of H1000 that I use.
Cases are lightly neck turned and all charges are individually weighed.
Fire formed or new cases, makes no difference.

Anyone know what my action screw tension should be? I might check this. It’s a H-S stock off a Sendero with bedded action.

Any idea how I can get this rifle to shoot a bit better?

Thanks for your advice in advance.................

I found out (the hard way) that after cleaning a lot, I need to check the bedding for cleaning residue. I would find my groups deteriorating and then I pulled the action and found cleaning fluid residue in it. I dreid everything and put it all back together with a torque wrench and groups improved dramtically. This is a Sendero in the HS stock (not bedded). I've been using 65 inch lbs per Rem recommendation. Other sources recommend 45 for pillar bedded stocks.

Also, I found I almost always got screamer first two shots followed by slightly wandering third shot. The stringing often went from 1 o'clock to 7 o'clock. I think it's probably the barrel getting a little warm fter the first two shots.


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Interesting what you say.
Just about all my third shots out of the groups, land in a 90 drgree arc from 12 oclock to three oclock.
Never low or out to the left.
I know with my edge the bullet tension is a big deal, if the bullet seats real tight accuracy goes. I've found it's best to turn outside of neck first then resize, not much just enough to get the black off the neck. I also got better groups with retumbo and standard fed mag primer.

Hope this helps,
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