How many rounds?

Hunting specific I have 3 for my 6.5 CM, 9 for my 30-06, and one mag with 8 of 300 BLK. There's nothing worth shooting when it's 105* outside 🤣 This time of year if someone said "let's go hunting" it would either be hogs at night and I'd need to borrow a super-fancy thermal rig, or it would be something I could do with the trusty 30-30 or 22LR and factory loads.

But I usually have two 100-case boxes going for each rifle at a time. Sometimes 200 for the 223, sometimes 50 for the 300 RUM, but always a rotation of two sets of cases.

Maybe I've been fortunate (or dipping bullets in Imperial dry lube really works) but I've never experienced the "bullet weld" phenomena that I've noticed.
Jeeze. If all works out right, its 20 rounds minus 1 fouler, 4 shots to verify the accuracy and velocity of the cartridge, and 1 to shoot a deer. Well, I usually shoot some does for meat too, so 3 for deer.

So 12 laying around. Some years, I don't bother to load more and make do with half a box of last years loads. 12 minus 1, minus 4 leaves you at 7. For the hunt. That's kind of cutting it close!!!!

Seriously, I usually have gotten curious about some other bullet or powder and have went through a new development cycle and thus there are newly loaded stuff every year.

Had a buddies 270 shooting real nice with some Sierra slugs that became unobtainium. That gun we really stretched the limits. I think he last hunted with 4 rounds. Got some new slugs, but got lazy and have not yet worked up new recipe.

OP asked about hunting rifle. I don't hunt with my AR. Don't ask me about how many rounds I "used to have" for it.....
How many rounds of HAND loaded ammunition do yall keep on hand for a particular hunting rifle?

I'm talking about once the barrel is broke in and you get a load dialed in and all other experimentation is done. How many do yall keep on hand for your #1 go to hunting rifle?

A box (20) or 1 1/2 boxes for my rifle….about 15 or 20 rounds for my handgun! 50 rounds or less for hunting! 😉 memtb