how far will 90 MOA of adjustment allow you to shoot?


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Sep 25, 2002
I see that the Leupold long range scopes offer 90 MOA of elevation adjustment, assuming either a factory 26" heavy barrel as well as a 28-32" hart, lilja, shillen etc, how many yds will this scope allow?

Also, assume a standard base and a long range base.

Lets say several different calibers

220 swift 700VSSF 26" heavy barrel

280 ackley 28" heavy barrel 140gr bullet

300UM with 30-32" barrel (not built yet)

Thank you for your help.
many thanks. I am interested to know if a leupold long range will allow 1000yd shooting. I will plug in some info and see what I get.

don't forget you're gonna loose half of your ele adjustment when you zero on a flat base and half less 20 moa is you use the tapered bases. So at best you're gonna get about 65 moa with the tapereed base and 45 with the standard.

To 1000yds, you are going to need 20 to 35 min when using a BC bullet of .4 or higher with a muzzle vel. of 2700fps or higher. Basically, you will have no problem getting that far. The only one is the 220swift.

If you use varmint weight bullets, they are going to drop like stones. If you use the 69 to 75gr bullets, no problem.

With 86min, I can take my 308 shooting 155gr amax bullets to 1500yds. With 75min, my 300Wby shooting the same bullet can go to 1960yds.

If you can use the full 90min, you are going a very long ways with any decent bullet. Chances are you are going to need to shim your bases and use Burris sig. rings to make that happen.

Good luck...

The 4.5-14x50 LR has 90 moa of up. The 6.5-20 and 8.5-25 LR models have 72 moa of up. Just to set the record straight.
Is 72MOA a figure you get taking into account the base? I looked at the chart on Premeir reticles page for the long range leupolds and they show 90MOA. Did I read it wrong?
I've got a Leu 6.5-20x50 LR with M1 turrets on my 30-06. it is zeroed at 100 yards, 190grSMK at 2900fps.

I just checked my up and down travel:

51 MOA up.
44MOA down.

That looks like a total of 95 MOA travel. But Leupold specifications indicate this scope has 72 MOA max vertical adjustment.

I cannot explain this. Anybody else???


After looking through Premier Reticle's website, I see that the Premier conversion does indicate 90 MOA vertical adjustment on the 6.5-20x50 LR. The leupold specs under VX-III indicates 72.

Looks like the the conversion yields more adjustment. I'm not smart enough about the innards of a scope to explain it.

I think that's because the 30mm tube on the long range model offers more room for the internal adjustments to move.
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