how are the nosler 168's compared to sierra?


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Sep 23, 2003
how are the nosler 168\'s compared to sierra?

I was just about to try some of the nosler 168 grain 30 cal bthp custom competition bullets for my m-1 and was wondering what you all thought about them compared to sierra 168 bthp's. I do a lot of extreme long range prairie doggin with my m-14 and am whipping the m-1 into shape to go even farther. Just no scope on the m-1 is all. I got my work cut out for me. Any thoughts?
Re: how are the nosler 168\'s compared to sierra?

In my .30 calibers that shot 168's they all shot the 168 Nosler J4 comps better than the sierra's by about .2 or so...

Very leathal on deer as well...

try them about .020 off the lands... should shoot well.

Re: how are the nosler 168\'s compared to sierra?

I shot two deer this year with 168 gr J4's one at 123 the other at 147. Both chest shoulder shots one dropped in its tracks the other went
way to far a whole 15 feet. Couldn't of ask for better preformance both left about 2 inch exit holes. They were out of my 308 at 2600.
Re: how are the nosler 168\'s compared to sierra?

I find it amazing that everyone really likes the competition type bullets for deer. I am not doubting you but they are not recommended by the manufacturer for hunting. I shot one deer with a 168 sierra a few years ago and it passed between the ribbs on both sides and didn't hit any vitals so needless to say it ran a ways before dropping. I guess I shouldn't have based wether to use them or not on one bad experience. That was just a fluke and will probably never happen again. They are sure cheaper than the x bullets too. How are they for way out there deer in a 308?
Re: how are the nosler 168\'s compared to sierra?

If your looking for something different to use on deer (other than the MK's), try the Hornady A-Max. I load 168 grain Hornady A-Max with 45 grains of H-Varget in my 308 Win.
I have never had a deer complain. I also use the 52 grain A-Max in my 223 Rem. Also with 26.5 grains of H-Varget. I have never had a woodchuck complain. The 52 grain A-Max works great on deer damage permits.

Good luck with your next hunt!
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