Sierra MK vs Nosler J4's


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Jan 3, 2002
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Sierra MK vs Nosler J4\'s

I'm new to this forum but have been shooting
1000 yd bench and LR hunting before I knew the term, anyhow, I have only shot Sierra MK's and A-Max into game but have been turned into Nosler J4's as a cheaper but viable alternative. As a comparison, I weight match my Sierra's (typical variation 167.2 - 169.0 grains in a 168 gr. 30 cal HPBT Match bullet) for 1000 yds, I segregate 180 grain bullets but for hunting, shoot the 168's. Testing the 168 Nosler J4's, noted less than .4 grain variance. Shot 2 12 shot groups with a Browning M-1000 eclipse heavy barrel in .308 (yes a few exist) with no attention paid to wind, moly coated bullets. Sierra 168gr.(moly coated) HPBT Match. $30.99 per 100/cdn
3.855"/12 shots - 500 yards

Nosler J4 168 gr.(moly coated) HPBT Match
$25.99/100 bullets
3.927"/12 shots - 500 yards

Anyone with performance on game results?
Re: Sierra MK vs Nosler J4\'s

Did some expansion tests when working up loads for my 300 Weatherby and compared relative performance between the Nolser BT, Amax, and J4.

At a muzzle vel of 3250fps and hitting milk jugs at 60yds, the rankings for most amount of penetration went to the Nosler BT. The Amax and J4 were very close. The BT went through three jugs and the others two.

At longer ranges, I would suspect that all three will perform well. Try this test at 300yds or whatever and you can make a relative comparision.

My understanding is the J4 are a MK clone in construction.

Good luck...

Re: Sierra MK vs Nosler J4\'s

I have tried these bullets on woodchuck out to 1420 yds and they work with out a hitch. I shot them out of a 300 ulta custom built with 30" hart barrel @ 3550 fps.
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