.300 Jarrett compared to the .308 Baer...


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Dec 25, 2001
Central Washington.
I'm well informed on the .308 Baer.looking through several tids and bits of info here and there it looks as if the .300 Jarrett and the .308 Baer are almost a perfect match.Which means that if I have load info for a .300 Jerrett and a 180gr bullet it would give me a good starting point for the Baer.

.300 Jerrett
180gr bullet
79gr of H1000.

Does this line of thought sound half sound and sane?

Landon M.

Your in line with that load.
That's a good starting point for your case.

At Williamsport some shooters use that load of powder in the Bear case with the 200 and 220 Gr bullets.

Most of the IMP 30 Mags and the 300 Weatherby, all take about the SAME load. Not much difference in any of them.

Darryl Cassel
From an accuracy standpoint, I found the best load for my 308 Baer this weekend. The load was RWS cases (375H&H necked down), CCI 250 primers, 180 Sierra MK & 81gns of H4381. I chose the H4831 as I thought H1000 may be a little slow, but I still plan to try H1000 over the next few weeks.

As far as I know, the 300 Jarret has a steeper (40 degree?) shoulder which is blown slightly further forward than the 308 Baer. Loads for the Jarret will be very similar to the 308 Bear, but could be just marginally hotter. I usually use 300 Wby data for starting loads if I have no other data available for a bullet weight or powder I want to try in the Baer.

There is nothing to suggest that you cant get good to very good accuracy from a 108gn load in a 1/10” barrel. A friend of mine has a 300 Win Mag with a 1/10” Hart barrel. This rifle shoots 185gn Lapuas very well. In fact, he used this combo to shoot the current world record 500 meter group of (I think from memory) an inch and one sixteenth.

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