Necking .375 H&H Down for the .308 Baer?


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Dec 25, 2001
Central Washington.
How do I go about this?,I know there is going to be a bit more involved in it than necking down a .340 Weatherby case.I was thinking about trying some .375 RWS brass.

Landon M.
I form my 308 Baer cases on RWS 375 brass by running them into a 338 Win RCBS neck die (expander removed), then through a Hornady "Universal" 30 cal die (also minus expander). Set the 30 cal die so the case will just chamber with a bit of pressure on the bolt handle. My first shot is sans bullet to form the case before I take anything off the neck.

I don't use the Redding 308 Baer FL die for the final step as it uses a neck button and it is not possible to size 100% of the neck down. If I did not need to turn the necks down, not being able to size 100% of the neck would not be such a big problem. I use these dies mainly because I had them on hand when I first formed the RWS brass and it worked for me.

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