Load info and input for the .308 BAER.


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Dec 25, 2001
Central Washington.
Fairly soon my .308 Baer project will be complete it is away being stocked and barrel blocked..I picked this cartridge for long range Big Game hunting and varmint shooting.But all in all have collected very little info on true velocities and load data.The rifle was built on a remington SS action fitted with a stainless flutted,muzzle broke 30" 1-10 twist Pac-Nor supermatch bbl and it is barrel blocked into a Bill Shehane Tracker stock in McMillan fiberglass.I had it throated for the Sierra 240gr MK's but will be shooting Sierra 220's primarily...
Any info you may have or can point me towards would be great...

Have had 3 or 4 308 Baers over the years shooting at Williamsport and the load I used in them were;
1. 75 to 77 Gr of RL22 with the 220 Gr Sierra MK bullets.
2. 80 and 81 Gr of H1000 with the 220 Gr Sierra MK

Ironically, since I switched to the 300 Weatherby (in 4 guns) for my 1000 yd shooting, I use the SAME accuracy loads I did in the Baer. The 308 Baer has a bit more overall powder capacity which for hunting, can be loaded a little hotter.

The 240 I did not shoot in the Baer but in the 300 Weatherby, 75.5 Grs of 4831 SC seems to do well.
I have also found that any increase in powder charges other then all the listed loads above will stretch primer pockets after 3 or 4 loadings. At least they do to the Norma brass that I have.

Darryl Cassel

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Do you run a fairly hot load for fire forming or back it off a bit?,I will be useing Norma 340 Weatherby brass.Can you recal ball park vel for the 220's you were shooting?....I realy don't know what vel I should expect to get from the 220's out of a 30" bbl.

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