Info. on the 308 Baer?

Warren Barrett

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Mar 10, 2002
Can anyone help with the following information on this case:

1}case capacity
2}sholder angle
3}best brass made from who
4}velocities with 220gr. bullet with 30" barrel
5}any other info. welcomed

thanks, Warren

Have had several 308 Baers over the years.

1. 105 Grs of H20
2. 35 Degree.
3. Norma 340 Weatherby brass works best to fireform to the Baer.
4. 3025 to 3040 FPS with 220 Gr MKs seems to be the accuracy load velocity with 30" barrels.

Darryl Cassel

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Mr. Cassel, is there anything that you dislike about this case for 1000yd. competition and longrange hunting out of the same rifle?

P.S. I had that 6.5-06 rechambered by Mr. Romain and it`s pushing the 140 Amax right at 3100 out of a 26" barrel. I appreciate the recommendation on that one.

thanks, Warren.
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