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Mar 14, 2002
Magnolia, Texas
I am thinking about rechambering for the 308 Baer cartridge. I have had little luck finding articles(only 1 VHA article) or reloading info. Short of calling Bruce Baer himself, can anyone tell me velocities expected with a 30"bbl, effective distances on varmints (I want a 2000yd+ VHA patch), load data, recoil data (45lbs rifle), or any articles or web sites where I can find any info. Thanks for all you help. John Pawlak
The 308 Baer is an improved 300 Weatherby. Case volume has been improved about 5%. This will allow performance close to the 300 RUM. I would expect, out of a 30" barrel, vel around 2900 to 3000fps for a 240MK. If you are going custom, why not use a longer barrel and a barrel block? Free velocity and recoil/noise reduction to boot.

For recoil, go to recoil software on the net and add in the numbers. It will be around a 308 in an 8lb rifle.

As to data, I would look at using very slow powders from RE25 to H870 and WCC 872. You can use 300Weatherby start data and work up from there. You will probably get a couple more grains then from the 300 Weatherby case.

The effective range of the 240MK is really up to you. The bullet will travel for several miles given enough elevation but can you hit anything. That will depend on the accuracy of you, your rifle, and some luck.

In order to attempt your long range task, you are going to need optics with lots of elevation or the ability to adjust the scope base to give you a longer range zero. Burris Sig rings are great for that. I have had success using the Tasco SS sniper scopes (120MOA of internal travel at $299 from SWFA).

I have studied this task and see no reason why you could not achieve your pin. Remember that even under ideal conditions and accuracy, you will have 1/2 MOA accuracy at that range. Hitting a pop can now becomes a matter of launching enough lead downrange and hoping something gets in the way.

Good luck...


Precision Shooting magazine ran three articles, written by Dave Beisner. Dave was the 1995 1000 yard Heavy Gun Champion. His rifle, "Sweet Pee", was a .308 Baer, built by Bruce. I have those articles if you'd like them? They were titled "Loading for Baer", "A case for cases", and I don't recall the third title.

I killed a groundhog on our ranch, at 1805 yards (took two shots) using Dave's rifle. AM in the VHA 1500 yard club. Dave killed a Groundhog later that Summer at 1625 yards with Sweet Pee.

Most impressive was that Dave barely missed killing a hog SEVEN times at 1920 yards (that Whistlepig had a serious IQ problem or just a simple death wish).
The .308 Baer will 'repeat' extremely well. 2000+ yards is gonna take some doing, but it's possible. (Every time I read in VH about someone shooting a Praire dog at 2000 yards, or for heaven's sake 3000 yards, with a .308 Ackley Improved using 220MK's I chuckle. I wonder if folks reading ever took Physics, or can read with a critical eye?)

All barrels differ slightly, but I believe Jerry Teo's suggestion of 2900-3000fps with the 240 Sierra MK's is pretty good average. (I'm shooting them out of my .308 Baer at MV=3009 fps., ES=7fps, SD=3 on my loads....measuerd w/ Oehler 35P. I'm using 83 gr. of RL-25.)

Sweet Pee weighed 53 lbs (w/o a muzzle brake) and generated a measured 16.43 ft-lbs of recoil. With a Muzzlebrake, 9.716 ft-lbs. of recoil...a 40.86% reduction in recoil. Bottom line, use a brake.

Stick with RL-22 or RL-25 powder, Fed 215 MATCH primers, Norma .375 H&H brass, Sierra 240 gr. MK's.
I sure would like to get a copy of the articles you have on the .308 Baer.I just had mine finished a bit ago and any info will can contact me at...
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Landon M.
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