Your info on the Nosler .308 BT


Jul 17, 2003
I am thinking of using the Nosler "Spitzer" BT. Who here recommends them? My .308 already shoots and doped for the 168 SMK. So I thought of using the 165Gr. Nosler BT the one with the Green Tip. This will be used on Deer and Wild Hogs. Or should I stick with the 168 SMK?

If you go to the BT, you will have to redo your drop tables again. The BT have a higher BC. Personally, with hunting season upon us, go with what you know and have confidence in. The animals don't mind...

I'm no expert, but I wouldn't choose the BT for hogs . I use the 165 BT in 308 for deer, it certainly makes ugly (read effective) wounds on side-on chest shots; But I wouldn't consider it man-enough to penetrate successfully on a raking shot -on a deer - let alone a hog!
I'd be leaning firmly towards something bonded for hogs!

Have you tried the Hornady stuff yet? A-max or the SST should work just as good if not better than the Nosler and they are cheaper then the Noslers. I've shot fur, feather, & fin with these bullets and they have not let me down yet.

Well, maybe not fin!?!?

H-bar can track a falcon on a cloudy day.
I have shot the SST but only at paper. Hunting wise I dont know how good they are. Yes,they are alot cheaper than Nosler.


All advice is welcome to me.
I wonder what this bullet is made for " Nosler Bt 165gr"?

Yeah, I have considered the Sierra GameKing 165Gr. also? But I figured the plastic tip on the nosler would hopefully increase accuracy.

Would the SMK be a good Hog bullet or should I use a Sierra GameKing?

Dont say anything about the Barnes Bullets I dont want to mess with them.

Again, my test on 165/168gr bullets out of my Wby and water filled gallon milk jugs.

Muzz vel 3150 with all bullets. Nosler 165gr BT, 168gr J4, Hornady Amax. At 75yds, the BT vaporized two jugs and broke apart the third, bullet went on to punch a nice 1 1/4" hole through a piece of 2" lumber.

The Hornady and J4 blew up two jugs but only peppered or slightly poked holes in the third.

My experience with the Interlock/SST puts them tougher then the BT. So this gives you a relative comparison of penetration at very high impact vels.

Personally, I love the SST as they are such an improvement aerodynamically over the Interlocks. I have hunted with the Interlocks for many seasons in my 303 and '06. At moderate impact vel, penetration on deer vertebrae, shoulders, etc, is excellent. I would not hesitate to use the SST/Interlocks on any game within shooting range of my '06 or Gibbs.

Jerry that is a interesting test procedure. I never thought of trying it like that.
I have a couple 5 gallon buckets with lids that scap on, I thought of filling them up and putting the lid on and shooting it from a 100yds?
Have you or anyone tried the Hornady Interbonds? What do you think of it?
Out of the SST and Nosler BT which will explode the least amount of the 2 on a Buck? Or least amount of damage?

If I had to make an educated guess, I would go with the SST for slightly less expansion and less bruising on boiler room shots.

The best way is to slow down the impact vel. If impact vel is under 2400fps, expansion will be good and bruising will be reduced. Of course, not shooting them in an edible part doesn't hurt either.

Troy, Last years Oct. issue of Shooting Times tested all the 180gr bullets, and between the NBT and SST, they were virtually identical in retained weight etc. etc. I'd think the 150s would give the same kind of results, just a guess though, Jay
I have used the NP in 180 gr for 308 and 30-06 and they have worked fine for muleys and elk in AZ.
use what your confident with and make the first shot count.
I would go with the 165 sierra game king. It is real close to the 168 hpbt in ballistics in my match rifle and I have gotten deer with it before. It worked great. The only thing I don't like about ballistic tips is the meat damage. They do work though. Even on them big nasty hogs. HOgs don't care what they are being shot with. I always have preferred head shots but if you can't then get them in the ribs with either bullet and they are going down. Just watch out for the shoulder. I don't know how it happened but I saw one hit with a 45-70 at about 75 yards once in the shoulder. It did massive damage to the leg but didn't go in. Since my freind was standing there with his mouth open after he shot in amazement I had to kill it with my 308. Just don't miss the vitals.
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