Hot weather 8" boot recommendations for Africa


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Dec 16, 2013
Denver, Co
Hi, I will be spending three weeks in Africa and I am looking for a breathable 8" boot for the trip. I picked up some Danners pronghorn uninsulated and not that impressed as in my AC 70*F house they are hot.
Take a look at the Kenetrek Bridger High boots.

I've used mine extensively for summer hiking and early fall grouse hunting. Light and very comfortable when hot.

I've been hunting in Africa East Cape, Limpopo & Zululand in RSA; swamps, flood plains and forests of Mozambique; and the Botswana desert. I wouldn't hesitate to use them in any of those locations. Also planning a back pack hunt in Namibia in the near future and the boots I wear on that trip.
I am curious what you come up with. Cooler boots mean thick sicks can be worn.

Boots marketed to the military are geared for hot weather these day too. I got a pair of rebook safety boots that I can feel the AC on in the truck. Nice after work.
The best boots I've worn so far have been Rocky S2Vs. Get a few good pairs of lightweight wool socks.

Well Africa's terrain varies drastically depending on region/ not knowing which region you are going to then I would suggest looking at the following:

Lowa Zephyr
Nike SFB
Pallidium Pampa High Canvas----Not best option if you are going to be "rucking" in rocky terrain though.

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