Boot recommendation

I definitely agree with your foot shape dictating the correct fit. For me the Kenetrek relief came in the form of better leather, and most importantly a more structured (stiffer) sole. I've dealt with plantar fasciatis off and on for a few years now. Even with orthotics I could only get temporary relief from the pain. I used to wear softer soled boots and even my heavier duty boots were softer in comparison. I was actually working at an outdoors store helping a customer with a pair of wading boots, they (husband and wife) both had some interesting hiking boots on and were very particular about footwear. I spent 3 hours with them making sure the husband got the perfect pair he needed, but they also schooled me up about the wonders of Italian made leather boots, as well as a stiffer sole. I decided that it was worth a try as with the softer boots I've always worn, did nothing to help my feet, probably hurting them more than anything. Obviously there's other factors involved with foot overuse pains etc, but stiff the boots are the only true change. I got a pair of Desert Guides from Kenetrek. I took my time breaking them in and laced them consistently. No more pain. I even started a job where I was standing for 12 + hours each day on hard surfaces, and these worked like a dream. I also use them to hike 10 or more miles in very uneven mountain terrain, with no sense that my boots count handle it. I'm pretty hard on my gear, and don't like to ever feel under prepared. I have yet to get the Mountain Guides that have a similar sole but with more height and some insulation options. I've actually served in the USMC in multiple Infantry combat deployments, and I wish I had access to these when I was in. I really can't say enough great things about them.

Sorry to ramble, I'm just very passionate about them.

If the Military would've had Kenetrek boots when I was in maybe I wouldn't be dealing with plantar fasciatis now.

I love my Kenetrek and Crispi boots. I'm coming from wearing Danner boots since I was in the Army. We were issued the Ft Lewis boots and Intermediate Cold Weather boots which were some of the most comfortable boots i've worn. Now I wear their work boots and they are the only think I can wear without Orthotics other than the Kenetrek or Crispi.
A lot of guy will recommend Crispi boots. Crispi’s can’t hang here in western Washington . Myself and plenty of other get maybe a year out of them before they leak. If you are in a dry climate then by all means get yourself a pair of Crispi’s as they are very comfortable. I switched to Scarpa Ribella’s with hdry and couldn’t be happier. Very durable, more waterproof than goretex can ever wish to be and comfortable on my feet. The deal is get a well constructed, absolutely waterproof boot that fits “your” foot the best.