Another Boot Thread

Ok, I need to be pushed over the finish line here. Is there any reason not to buy the Crispis over the Kenetreks? They are half the weight, seem to be similar qulaity, same insulation and Gore-Tex, and same price. Plus I was emailing with the customer service and they were helping me get sized and which insole to purchase for a better fit for my flat feet.
I switched over to Crispi boots for an early season hunt last year, and hiked my *** off. I loved the boot so much, I went ahead and purchased a 2nd pair (insulated model) for late season hunting. I have zero complaints. They have my business for life at this point.
I have the kenetrek mtn extremes, Irish setter 880, and crispi kannada. Wear them interchangeably. The Irish setters are a flatter boot and might be good for you if hunting not too steep of ground. They are not really a mtn boot. I use super feet greens n them. The crispi's are very stable. I have 2 pair of kenetrek, 10 and 10.5. 10.5 were new this year and I got them the day before leaving to hunt. Wore them on the hunt without breaking in and had no issues. Used stock insoles. I have medium to high arches and normally use superfeet green or orange insoles. I want all leather boots, avoiding any with nylon panels. I normally go to the kenetrek boots most of the time.
I have 2 prs of Kenetreks, hard scrabble, and tactical. They are good boots but I can’t say they are worth the 400+ price tag. They aren’t just great comfy, but good. They break in easy but don’t seem like they are going to last that well. A guide buddy of mine says they only last one year for him but they are everyday boots. I would try another brand for the price, but if you can get them on one of there discount deals they are a good buy.
Other option could be lathrop and sons. Get their fit kit and then either their boots or one they recomend from your foot measurements and shape. Costs a few bucks, but then so does shipping boots back and forth if you have fitment problems.
Newby here so sorry if this has already been done, I'm sure it has. For a little background, my hunt will be over fairly rough terrain in Montana during early rifle season.

I'm trying to narrow down my decision on which boots to buy. I think I've got it down to Crispi Guide GTX, Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400, and Irish Setter 882.

I have very flat feet so I'm worried about the arc and stiffness of the Kenetreks. Also, since I live at the beach I don't have a ton of options as far as break-in period so minimal break-in would be preferred. Also, open to any other boots that y'all have experience with.

Saloman GTX 400 for most work, it's uninsulated and mega comfy from the get to, then a pair of Schnee's pack boots for when you're sitting and or it's getting 20 degree's or colder

You'll be Golden
After trying on a few 10" boots I figured out that I didn't like the additional height and weight. Pulled the trigger on Crispi Nevada from Black Ovis because they were 20% off right now.
I also have flat feet and ankle issues. I have had several pair of Danner's in the past but wanted more support in a quality boot and I believe the Danners are now made in China.
Danner has made in USA boots too. Keep searching.
I’ve been wearing salomon’s from the deserts of Iraq to the mountain villages of Afghanistan, so they work for me in the Colorado Rockies to dry *** Arizona desert. I wear the same size in all salomon’s so I buy them online. Worry free.
This is like me and Danners. Size 13 ever time....fine tune the insole, if required.
I have very flat feet as well (which ruled out kennetreks and several others). I’ve been using Schnees for the last 5 seasons in Idaho (steep and rough). I have a pair of both the granite and the Beartooth models (200 and 400 gram insulation). These serve me really well. I’ll buy another pair for this next season.
I have had Danners for the last 30 years and Crispi for the last 3. I have been wearing the Kenetrek Mountain guides for the last 2 years as my heavy duty pack in pack out rough country boots. They all have their place, but for rough country with weight on my back the Kenetreks are second to none. Ultra stable, great protection from miles of rock, and very comfortable even on the flat ground. Also great flexibility in lacing to customize fit in the same boot. Used the Kene boot wax and after I got back from the last hut this year last Wednesday I re-applied. Boots look almost as new with about 250 miles on them now.
Hunt is next year.

I think I am down to the Kenetreks and Crispis. I looked at Schnees and Meindls and Danner but the Kenes and the Crispis seem to be most liked.
If you are really flat footed, and if you’ve not tried kennetreks on yet, I think you will be “sorely” disappointed.