Boot recommendations for someone with tendonitis ( Achilles)

It's a mean problem. I have dealt with it off and on for 30 years. When I was younger I just toughed it out and things eventually improved, but as I got older, not so much. Inserts help a lot, so does the style of boot. I used boots with a stiff shank for a long time. They we great for hiking up steep slope with a heavy pack, but I had to compromise and go to a bit more flexible shank to reduce the pull on the achilles. Stretching helps if you can keep it up, (so does wearing a smooth liner sock under your wooly socks, but don't ask me why). Short striding is good when you are on flat ground so you aren't pulling on the achilles and so are hiking poles because they take some of the stress off your legs in general. Steroid shots got me through a couple of seasons but they aren't a long term fix. You adapt and do what you have to do, there is no magic fix. If surgery is recommended, go with it but accept that it usually is a make or break option. When it doesn't work not much else will.
During my 25 years in the Army, I’ve had my share of foot and ankle problems. Here is my three step recommendation to you:
1 - make sure your calves stay loose. If they are too tight they won’t let the Achilles’ tendon stretch and contract the way it that it should. You can use a hot tub, a massage to help in this area, but I recommend a simple heating pad, and massage gun like in attachment 1.
2 - part of your stretching routine can happen while you sleep. I wore the socks in the second attachment at night to keep my foot at a 90 degree angle so the Achilles didn’t stay contracted and short all night.
3 - the podiatrist recommendation is a good one. Make sure you find one that will make a mold or a casting of your foot in order to custom make some orthotic inserts for you. Don’t go to one that only has you stand in foam pads to get a molding of your foot. I found those inserts to be cheap and worthless. Other quality inserts can be made from standing on a computerized board that reads your foot and can custom make hard plastic inserts with a 3D printer.

hope this helps


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Hey Dave,
Man sounds like you have a lot of good advice on here. however I still feel the need to share my experience as I have not seen anything similar to it posted yet unless I somehow missed it.
Last fall my Chiropractor recommended a certain type of Beef Gelatin Collagen ( by Vital Proteins) to help with the tendinitis in my elbows that I had been fighting for 3 or 4 years. I told him that I had already tried collagen that my wife got from her Healthy Habits people (suppose to be good stuff). He told me it was NOT THIS STUFF.
FOUR DAYS into it I thought I started to feel some relief. 2 to 3 weeks later I had no pain at all anymore and have not since. This stuff also is loaded with pretty much all your needed Amino Acids as well.
As for the Boots ... I would call and talk to one of the guys at Lathop and Sons boots. They come from a family of practicing Podiatrist and offer a total custom boot build tailored around 3d imagine of sorts and all your info as far as your use for the boots, your weight, your pack weight etc. They are not cheap to purchase but after your first pair you are on record with them and if ever need another pair they are a bit less.
I have a pair on order right now.20220226_120716.jpg
There is also a thing called an Ozone Shot which is an injection of pure oxygen into the area of the joint or tendon that is painful.
The way it was explained to me is that oxygen is what heals muscles etc. But very little blood if any gets to your tendons therefore no oxygen. Hence the shot.
This ozone shot kept my Wife from having to have rotator cuff surgery three years ago and still good.
If you listen to podcast then look at Avery Adventures pod cast with Ryan Averys from Rokslide. He has a recent interview with Lathop and Sons Boots. Very interesting if you are into quality boot. I listened to it 2 or 3 times.