Homemade Smoker

Does nobody use an old busted refrigerator anymore? All you gotta do to build it is put it outside and pop a couple small holes in it.
I got an old refrigerator that still works just fine, that's where I put all the dead animals awaiting the grinder. Last year I cured hams in it. I dry my dry sausage in it. The plan is to eventually get it outside and pop some holes in the side so I can pipe in smoke and take my curing to a while new level
Great posts, info and chow pix! I improved my smoke generation by simply using the stainless wood chip boxes, directly on the burner vs on the griddle (which really helps retain the heat load when it's cold or snowy out) and gave it a try with a plank of lemon pepper salmon for 6 hours yesterday. I thought I'd flop a pic up as it's such a nice morning here, with how it looks next to our sauna.

In late '98, I sat down with the old PC Paint program and laid out a design based on a 12'x12' footprint. The lower R rear 7x7 is the business end of things with an 8kW finnish style heater where you can throw water on the rocks. At the rear L is a ladder which goes up to a 8x12 guest room with queen sleeper futon, wired with stereo/TV, carpeted and with vented skylight. Folks thought I was nuts when it was going up and I highly doubt that it would be approved in any HOA neighborhood. The caribou rack is one of the bulls my wife busted on a caribou hunt for our 10th anniversary. We were getting ready to land at our lake camp and saw caribou swimming across the lake our camp was on. This quickly alleviated that small plane green feeling I was experiencing and within 45 mins of landing, we were getting out of our boat and putting a stalk on some nice bulls at an opened rocky place where the brook feeds the lake. I send her a bit left on a trail and next thing you know, she opens up with her old 257Bob. I have a great pic from that trip where she's carrying an antlered head and blood is all down her back. She's just smiling. cheers all.
I've done entire black bears and elk quarters in a old frigidaire fridge. Tellin' ya, nothing seals the smoke in quite like that and nothing is so cheap to get as a broken fridge.

Nice and effective. I've found utilitarianism is also great for the many hunting situations.
I've got to improve mine that way and seal the door frame better.
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