Highest 30 Cal BC?

Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
What brand bullet(s) have the highest BC in 30 caliber with bullet weights from 175-210 grains?
I figured you guys would know this info as well as anyone. My 30 cal rig pushes a 180 grain bullet @ 2785 fps.

berger, JLK, Cauteruccio, all have secant (i think) ogives i believe with huge BC's compared to SMK's


for pure BC the Lost River bullets win--but from what i have seen and heard shoot like a turd.

JB & Darryl,
This is off topic since it relates to targets instead of game but when it comes to wind drift if I have 6.5 bullet with a higher BC than my 30 cal and they both have the same MV, the 6.5 will have less wind drift than the 30, Right?
My answer is "Yes," but I want to make sure I have my head screwed on stright here. Thanks

I would also say yes also because of lower profile and higher BC.

BC's are dynamic though and if the published numbers are close they may swap superior positions in different conditions--**** that rhymes!!


Overall the answer is yes.

If your running the lower BC bullet faster then the higher BC, the lower BC will buck the wind as good or better at "closer" range "sometime".

As the range increases the slower but higher BC will catch up and pass the lower BC and fight the wind better at medium and extended ranges, even though it sometimes is starting out 200 to 300 FPS slower.

A good example here is to match up a 200 gr MK with a BC of .565. Run the velocity up to 3500 FPS out of a 30/378 and at 400 or 500 yards it is fighting the wind quite well and maybe a tad bit better then the 240 Gr MK at that short range.
Now make the range 1200 yards and shoot the 240 gr MK with a BC or .711 at 3200 FPS and the slower higher BC bullet will bury that little 200 gr and fight the wind "much" better.

Overall, with all things being equal, the higher BC bullet will do better.

At equal MV the higher BC bullet will drift less. It might drift less with even a slightly slower MV as well, depends on the difference in BC you're comparing though.

Bountyhunter has a list going with BC's and the 210 JLK with the .670-.680 BC listed as a bit higher than the Berger 210 of .640 BC is probably accurate with the few I've shot so far, they do shoot flatter than the Berger by several inches in my 800yd test, but they were going a tad faster in the same load, so I'm still not sure of the actual BC yet. Will test soon.
The Lost River Bullets have the highest bc 30 cal I have seen at .930 but they don't shoot worth a **** and cost way too much for fireforming bullets.High bc is a waste of time if the bullet won't shoot straight as in the case of Lost River bullets which won't shoot under 5 inches at 100 yards in any gun I've ever heard of.I have given them away for free and after trying them out got several boxes back from people not wanting them anymore and they only come 20 to the box in the first place.The finish on them is also very bad compared to much cheaper 50 caliber lathe turned solids.I think they are trying to sell one box to every sucker in the U.S. then leave town quick with the money.I have 18 left in one box and you are more than welcome to have them for free my e-mail is [email protected] if you want them.I take no responsibility at all on them and they are the J40 200 grainers.

Here's what I have on the updated Oehler ballistics program as per listed BCs.

175 Berger-----.537
190 Berger-----.583
210 Berger-----.640

200 Sierra MK--.565
220 Sierra MK--.629
240 Sierra MK--.711

Hope that helps.
Thanks guys. Even though I know it is true sometimes you just want to hear it again. I'm trying to decide which specialty handgun to use for the International Tactical Rifleman's Championship. My 7.82 Patriot XP-100 MV is 2785 with a 180 gr. SGK (15.75 inch barrel). The other XP in the running is a 1-8 twist 6.5-284 which has a 17 inch barrel. This barrel hasn't been broke-in yet, but I am fairly convinced that I can push a higher BC bullet faster in the 6.5 than I can in my thirty cal. This competition is about making hits, not performance on an animal, so it all comes down to what is going to beat the conditions the best. I will be looking for good loads for the 6.5-284 in the near future. Your input would be appreciated.
My distances will vary from 300-1,000 yards on different sized steel targets shooting from primarily the prone position. So any ideas on a good portable field rest for a center-grip XP-100 (H-S Stock) would be recieved with gratitude.


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I had a taker on the 30 cal Lost River Bullets and have already sent them off to him.I hope he reports his disappointment I mean results on this board for others to read.
Thanks for the update. From everything I have heard it would be a waste of time to try them (I don't have that much shooting time). Thanks for the offer anyway.

Well, I was the lucky recipient of Lynns generousity. He is right, the finish on the Lost River bullets is quite rough.

I like to play around different loads.

Here is what I am thinking. R22 is a pretty good powder for the 300WM. I am thinking of loading up 4rd/charge and increase the load .4 grns. Say 70.8, 71.2, 71.6, 72gr and I will post the results here.

The Rifle is GAP 300WM w Rock 1:10 26" barrel. very capable of .5MOA.

Any comments or suggestions?

Lynn, I will send out the Bergers to you today.
With the higher BC of the Berger and JLK, do you MOLY coat the bulets also? If speed is what we want, does it help? Can you push a 210 in a minumn trist barrel faster and get better resistance to wind drift? Any thoughts will be welcome.
I received the Berger bullets and as soon as my new 300 Ackley gets back from the smit(new bolt handle) I will let you know how they did.
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