who makes a .458 bullet with the highest BC?

Dr. John

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Apr 11, 2002
I currently shoot a 458 win mag. custom built off a 1917 action, 26"barrel. shoots 3/8" groups at 100 with 500gr hornady. may play with it a little to extend my usual shooting range for fun. add muzzle brake, heavier stock.

other than the very expensive Lost River bullets, who makes the highest B.C. bullet in .458?

sounds funny? well people still shoot .458 bullets out of rolling blocks (45-70, 45-90, etc at very long ranges and the 458 win mag has more horsepower than these. I'll see.
I shoot with a buddy who goes a long ways out with those BP cartridges. Amazing.

No one makes a match bullet for that cal simply because most elephants are shot close enough to smell.

A gas checked hard cast 500 to 535gr bullet would work up to 1800fps quite well. Lyman, RCBS and Lee make suitable bullets. Of course, you can look at what is the hot set up for BP silhouette.

A recent article indicated that 45-70 were tested by the US army way back when out to 2000yds. Although bullets were coming pretty well straight down, they still had plenty of lethal punch.

You would need to have your scope changed from 1/4 min. to 1/4 meter clicks.

Considering the same thing too. An Exciting blend of old and new tech. Enjoy...

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