Who makes Remington's stocks?


Feb 6, 2002
Oslo, Norway
Who makes Remington\'s stocks?

I read somewhere that the stock on Remington's Sendero was made by HS Precision. (Is that so?)
Does anyone know who makes the aramid-reinforced stocks that Remington uses on their Custom Shop AWR and Mountain Rifles? And if they are any good?

This isn't really LR related, but you guys really seem to know what you are talking about, so I ask it here
Re: Who makes Remington\'s stocks?

The stock that Remington uses for the 40XB-KS rifles is made by McMillan. The 'aramid fiber' is another name for what most of us know by the brand name Kevlar. I had been investigating having a 40X stock modified to fit me, and after finding this out and talking to some 'smiths that had dealt w/ it, decided it wasn't worth the effort, as they had indicated it was extremely hard on most common cutting tools used in stock work. A call to McMillan indicated that they only make that stock for Remington, as it is not the easiest thing in the world to make, even for them. I would imagine the Mountain Rifle stock is of similar construction.

As far as the stock on the Varmint Specials and Senderos, yes, they were made by H-S Precision for a long time. The word is (as in unsubstantiated rumor) that they shifted to Bell & Carlson about a year ago or so to cut costs. Not for you or me, but to improve their profit margin. In any event, I have a VS stock (same thing as the Sendero, but short action, basically) circa 1998, that works well, but has a bit rougher, texturized, almost splatter finish to it, and a new 2002 production VS that has a much smoother, slightly darker toned stock. Both work equally well, and both had to be skim bedded as the aluminum bedding block didn't contact the receiver 100%.


Re: Who makes Remington\'s stocks?

Well I know I'm not a regular poster I mostly just look and learn.. but this I can answer. The stock on the Sendero models is a HS Precision is what I was told when I called remington.. . The stocks on the REM AWR and mtn rifle are McMillans.. But you never know I guess..Hope this helps!
Re: Who makes Remington\'s stocks?

VS stocks were H-S for some time, then a switch to Bell and Carlson, now back to H-S. Subtle differences in the shape of the stock at the tang area, paint is different also, B&C swivel stud is right up at the front of the stock. Understand Weatherby also switched from H-S to B&C for some models. Why? $...
Re: Who makes Remington\'s stocks?

I have a Custom KS Mountain Rifle, it is marked McMillan in the barrel channel.



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Re: Who makes Remington\'s stocks?

They are McMillans?
That's what I didn't really dare to hope

Jim, can I ask you what you think of your Mt Rifle?
Re: Who makes Remington\'s stocks?

Mine is a "factory mistake". A guy had ordered a Custom KS Model 7 in 350 Rem Mag. They sent him a Custom KS Mountain Rifle in 350 RM (which is uncataloged). He didn't want it, Remington cut the gun shop a deal and so on and so on. I ended up with $775 into the rifle.

Contrary to the Remington Custom Shop bashers, the rifle is properly bedded, the action is VERY smooth. I took apart the trigger and the sear was polished, unlike factory guns.

I really like Jewell triggers, so I put one on it. The accuracy is exceptional for a 350 RM. It has a 24" barrel, standard length action. I'm not sure if they use different barrels or not, but there are no "remington" markings, just the caliber.

If you can find a deal on one like I did, I would recommend it. If you are paying full bull and waiting the 8-12 months...probably not. I would go for a semi-custom instead.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Re: Who makes Remington\'s stocks?

The barrel on that 350 is more than likely
a button out of the custom shop as well

Its good to hear about Rem going back to
HS over the BC of which they had problems
with them.
Re: Who makes Remington\'s stocks?

Monte, Tell me about the "skim bedding" you had to do on your stocks with the aluminum bedding blocks. How did you determine they needed it? What did it do for you accuracy wise. Thanks, Mike.
Re: Who makes Remington\'s stocks?

Monte, Tell me about the "skim bedding" you had to do on your stocks with the aluminum bedding blocks. How did you determine they needed it? What did it do for you accuracy wise. Thanks, Mike.
Re: Who makes Remington\'s stocks?

On my 700VS in .223, it was almost like the action was bedded in a V-block, w/ a couple of long contact points (apparent by slight wear marks btwn the action and the bedding block) on each side. To add insult to injury, they weren't exactly centered, which to me (and the gunsmith that did the bedding) meant the action wasn't being fully supported all the way around, fore to aft, and not even equally from one side to the other.

The gun went from being what I would call probably an honest 3/4" gun (@100yds), w/ the occasional day where I could stack them under 1/2". Compared to what I had seen/heard some people lament about getting for groups from their 700VS rifles, I thought this was not to shabby as it was, and was extremely reluctant to let the gunsmith do it. Finally the advice of one of the local HBR shooters pushed me over the brink and I did it.

Now it probably averages 1/2", and on a good day when I'm up to it, I can stack them in one little hole.

After that, when I signed for my gun at the counter in the gunstore, I didn't even unpackage it until I was handing it to the gunsmith 15 minutes later...
According to him, the .308 was almost even worse off than the .223 was.

W/ it's favorite load of a 175gr SMK and 45.0gr Varget, it will stuff 'em in a nickel-sized group or (frequently) smaller. And that is w/, as far as I'm concerned, absolutely no help from the Remington barrel, w/ a laundry list of gripes there. Suffice to say that the one thing they got right is that the chamber is *straight*!


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