High energy / Light magmum


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Jan 22, 2012
Flemington NJ
I have noticed over the years that Hornady an federal have a light mag. and high energy load up to 200fps faster than traditional. Does anyone know what they are doing differntly than our reloading manual shows, or is it a big secert.
I have been working up a load with superformance powder for 3006. It is a very fine powder and measures well, but I have had really bad results with accuracy and velacity.
I tried the Superformance powder is my 30-06 too (24" barrel)

56 grains under a 175 grain Berger VLD produced ejector marks...and only 2,620 fps...it was also VERY dirty, even worse than black powder, no joke.

It just wasn't igniting consistently...I've been meaning to try it again with magnum primers but haven't gotten around to it.
Thanks guys for the update on Superformance. I was getting ready to try some in my 7 saum, but maybe later. :D

Guess I'll just stick with 65 grains of Magpro. Clean, accurate, and easy.
And I like easy.
Superformance works just fine in my 25wssm. It is right at 3300 fps with 100 gr pills, or about 100-150 over other powders accurately. You need to watch your application a bit with that powder. It wants both constriction and load.
Has any one tried it in 308?
I've shot the 165 and 180 superformance factory ammo in my 308's (M1A's with 16, 18, and 22" bbls Socom 16, Socom II, White feather) and 300wm (Mod 70 26") and really like it.

My suggestion would be try a box of each in your 308 and if it works well for you check seating depth etc and pull a bullet and weight the load and work yours up from there.
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