Hi everyone! (Introducing myself.)


Mar 6, 2003
Western Pennsylvania
Hi, all. I just recently found your forum, and figured I'd tell y'all a little about myself.

My name is Quinn, and I am an 18 year old student from DuBois, PA. I have been shooting firearms of various configuarations for about five years now, but recently I was infected with the (financially) crippling LRH virus. The guy who gave it to me was Ric, AKA "WyoWhisper", and he spread it to me this summer when I stopped out at his ranch in Cody, Wyoming. (He has also helped the spread of the virus through constant help and advice.) The moment of infection came when I popped a P-dog at 276 yards off a pair of shooting sticks, something I had no idea I was capable of doing. Over the summer, the virus eventually overwhelmed me, and I became severely addicted to groundhog hunting. At this point, I am taking shots to the limit of my caliber (around 300 yards) with a reasonable level of success. I shoot a CZ 527 "Varmint" in .223 rem, but am in the process of saving the $ from my minimum-wage lifeguarding job to put together a rifle capable of making repeatable hits out to 700 yards. Also, I do reload.

This looks like a great forum, I just wanted to introduce myself!

Hey Quinn,

Glad ya made it....

I would appologize for giving you the Virus.. but no one here appologized for giving it to me.. so tough it out....
Step right up and ask all the questions ya want and soak in all the knowledge... great, great guys here...

Trouble maker.. hmm thats the best way I have ever been described.. no 4 letter words
Hi Quinn...he got you too, huh????

I think he's having fun doing that to folks.

If you have the spot, I'll soon have the rifle!!!!!!!
Welcome aboard Quinn. If you think that these guys got you hooked on pdoging just wait until they start on the big game

Crows at 900+, deer and elk at 1000-2000 yards. You'll be sorry and glad at the same time if thats possible

By the way that picture must have been taken sometime back all I keep hearing people talk about is SNOW
. Any way howdy from the great state of Texas.

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Man that reminds me of the good old days 20 yrs. or so ago shooting chucks in Western MD. You know I'm surrounded by more vermin than i can shoot here in CO, but i think about those old days sitting next to some varmint rig in an alfalfa field of yesteryear quite often. Thanks for bringing back the memories. I guess these days will be the good old days soon enuf.
I have the virus too, in fact it's starting to infect me again. Welcome and good luck. These guys are awesome.


Frank D
I was infected in 1998 and now have about $20,000 worth of medicine and no sign of a cure, yet. It only gets worse(better)as the toys get bigger and the distances get farther...good luck with your journey ...
Hello and Welcome

You will find that, the LR hunting and shooting sport is VERY challenging and rewarding at the same time.

The shots will be made further and further till you yourself will never believe it.

Since I am responsible for getting a few of these fellows on here hooked into the sport,
I can feel for their pain when they are buying a new rifle.
Been there done that many times.

It's a great sport and you will learn from a lot of shooting experiance on this site.

Many are from here in PA and I'm in Driftwood which is about 52 miles from where you go to school.

Passed The silo in the pic is where my frinds and I would want to go after something, by the way.

Take care and good shooting.

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