Has anyone burned Alliant power pro 300

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Apr 3, 2004
Reno Nevada
Alliant power pro 300 in their magnum wheel guns ? Recommended starting charge in my 480 Ruger is 26 grs behind a 325 gr bullet Muzzle velocity of 1460 FPS ,I love my 480 but dang that thing kicks even with special hogue grips .
I use 300MP in my 45 Raptor and 450 Bushmaster
Compared to H110 and W296, it is has more consistent ES/velocity
300MP is less temp sensitive
300MP burns at a little slower rate, so it gives higher velocites, and doesn’t pressure spike as bad as H110 and W296
Thanks, I just loaded 6 test rounds of lowest charge on 300. 26.3 grs behind a 325 gr jsp in 480. If it Recoils to hard, then it's not fun to shoot.
I just test fired 6 rounds ,Wow they were sweet ,softer easier recoil then hornady factory loads( 1350 FPS) with same bullet. Book says the load I test fired is a 100FPSD faster ? Next time out all be shooting them through a Chrony
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