It has begun. 300 WSM XP700


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Aug 23, 2021
Placed the order just a minute ago with J and A outdoors for my action to get this build kicked off. If you haven't used them they both seem like great folks.

The plan, center grip 300 WSM 16" barrel and a Yankey custom break.

Should be a fun build and a hard hitting little toy.
Rockwell's stocks have had a problem with their stocks cracking, toward the top of the grip where it meets the body of the action.
There's been some other issues going on as well.
Jim Rockwell Senior, is no longer longer a part of the company.
Jim Jr now owns and runs the company.
With the cartridge you are considering, I would want to put some pillars or reinforcements in that stock to ensure it doesn't go down on you.
I have several Rockwell stocks myself (they are beautiful), but they are all in cartridges that are 223 Remington case capacity or less.
A McMillan Stock, would have to have some modification/lengthened to make it work.
There is a prototype out of an aluminum center grip chassis (AR grip) for the XP, and I am sure one will be made for the 700 short action as well. I don't see that being available until sometime after the first of the year at the earliest.
Personally, I would not be real comfortable comfortable with ordering a Rockwell Stock right now. I hope I am wrong on this.
Well I do value your opinion, and your knowledge far exceeds mine. I had read about the Rockwell problems. That's unfortunate they make some beautiful products. I would not be opposed to an aluminum chassis at all. I had even considered seeing if the smith I'm working with could prototype one. He's a pretty upfront guy and accepting of a challenge.
The McMillan's have got so pricey ( I am a dealer FWIW), that it would be good for there to be some reliable center-grip alternatives whether wood or aluminum.
Some problems with the Rockwell's and some chassis units are that the action sits to high in Stock/Chassis.
For good field shooting and hunting, you do NOT want your barrel any higher than necessary above the bottom of the forend.
This things coming together quicker than I was planning. I was expecting to have a lead time on the action stock and trigger but it looks like the only two things that have a wait time are the barrel and my smith.