300 WSM tatical pistol


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Mar 29, 2010
somewhere in ky
The build has begun
Eric Wallce creation. It is a XP100 300 WSM has a heavy barrel 17.5" long. It is getting a brake. Im hoping everything is togeather next week. For some range time.
Eric shot it said it didnt even move. Made a bunch of noise and basically shook a little. I bought a Vortex to go on it. Hoping to have it by mid week. For second week of deer season.

So Ernie what you think about it? Eric done good.
Eric Wallace built this one 406-925-3947. There are many ways to go rear grip. Macree builds one XP fuzz and so does Eric. Mid grip Eric is going to start building this one.

SS thanks wanted some thing different.

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That is one awesome XP100!!! Mine is still stock in the 7mm BR caliber minus the 2.5-8 Burris and the Fajen thumbhole stock.

I am a bit curious about YOURS though. Is it an XP-100 action, and is that an action sleeve too?!?
We tubed it just like thier doing on bolt action rifles. Except you dont have to glue recoil lug. It is grooved into the main housing. It shoots great and hardly moves. Yes it is a XP100 action, trigger and barrel.
That is a nice looking Tube Pistol you have there! I keep thinking of one made with a Carbon fiber tube and grip assembly with a light weight barrel and scope. A tall Harris bipod with the legs made of carbon fibre too. Would make a nice hunting rig.... It don't hurt to dream.lightbulb
The frame its self only weighs 2.5lb. This one weighs about 9.5 with scope but it has a bull 1.12" barrel. Wanted some weight for a 300 WSM.

Next one is going to be a 223 with light barrel.
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