Anyone been shooting

Last weekend I shot a lot! Broke in two new barrels, sighted in three new ARs, helped my niece shoot a bunch of scary black guns, did load work on my 280 AI and blasted 53 prairie dogs with my 6.5 Creedmoor. It doesn’t get much better than that.
Had some rain a few weeks back that allowed me to shoot without worry. Since then just dry so I have not been shooting much steel now. When I was shooting, I was breaking in a 300WM and 338 RUM. every once and a while I will do some rimfire plinking or shoot a critter for work. Really dry up here.
It's dangerously dry and hot here so same situation here. I shot after some rain almost a month ago. Out to 1226 yards on steel with my 308 win.
No,I’ve been to my range twice this year so far my dues are up at this time I’m thinking hard about renewing my membership or not
Yeah I've struggled with that for years. 3 miles to my range, same distance to public lands. But the convenience and added safety keeps me renewing my membership. I could hang targets out to 600 yards but that seems pretty boring. I have steel out to that distance but i want to shoot farther out. Decisions, decisions.........