Anyone built a SP in 300 RUM to shoot the 245 Bergers?


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Jan 20, 2007
Have any of you experimented with a Specialty Pistol in 300 RUM to shoot the New 245 Bergers? What barrel length have you gone with? What Twist? 1 in 8? What brake? What performance have you seen shooting the 300 RUM out of a short barrel like a SP? I am toying with the idea of building one. Thinking of building off of a Savage Target Action. I have a 338 Edge Rifle built off of the Savage Target Action that is extremely accurate. I am just curious about the big RUM cartridges in the shorter configuration of the SP. Thanks for any advice you can lend!
Thank you Ernie. I was hoping you would reply to this. What speeds are you getting from the 230's? What twist did you use?