Full Power +P 10mm Auto recipes

Discussion in 'Specialty Handgun Hunting' started by preventec47, May 2, 2010.

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  1. preventec47

    preventec47 Member

    Dec 23, 2009
    We all know by now that the 10mm was downloaded to produce the
    SW 40 caliber cartridge. Well I now have a 10mm S&W pistol
    and I might as well load it to the max SAAMI specs or else I
    wasted my money. ( I could have bought a SW 40 if I wanted downloaded
    I have been researching all the factory LoadData manuals for the
    hottest 10mm Auto loads and way below here is the results of my research.

    I am leaning toward mid range size HP bullets of
    150gr-165gr for self defense so it looks like I will be
    using either Winchester AutoComp or Accurate ArmsAA#9 or
    IMR 800-X. There are some hefty loads in 200 and 220gr
    bullets for hunting larger critters. Pretty much mirrors medium
    to stout 357 mag performance.

    Does anyone have any experience with these and recomendations
    as they all produce some pretty impressive performances according
    to the tables.
    I am interested in bulkiness ( dont want to have to compress
    loads, how clean the powder burns, muzzle flash could
    be a factor if all other items were equal, cost is always
    important, hey and availability might be the most important

    Accurate Arms manual ( 2010 data ) using no 9 powder---------
    155gr AA#9 15.9gr 1414 fps
    165gr AA#9 15.0gr 1341 fps
    180gr AA#9 13.5gr 1242 fps
    180 Speer JHP: AA#9 14.5gr 1290fps 32,600psi ( AA Manual #2)
    180 XTP: AA#9 13.5gr 1242fps 34,100 psi ( AA Manual #2 )
    200gr AA#9 12.5gr 1170 fps

    Hodgdon manual (2010 data) -------------------------
    135gr Autocomp 9.5gr 1476fps 34,500 psi
    155gr Autocomp 8.9gr 1362fps 35,700 psi
    155gr IMR 800-X 9.8gr 1350fps 30,000 psi *NOTE PRESSURE
    180gr IMR 800-X 9.7gr 1320fps 34,200psi ( 2004 IMR manual )
    180gr Longshot 9.5gr 1287fps 34,800 psi
    200gr Longshot 8.2gr 1172fps 35,000 psi
    ***note Autocomp is a Winchester powder

    Accurate Manual (edition 3.2.2) re AA#7
    180gr Hornady XTP (JHP) with a max of 10.7 grains AA#7
    180gr Ranier plated HP, with a max of 11.0 grains AA#7
    190gr Sierra FPJ with a max of 11.2 grains AA#7

    Alliant Manual (2010 data)-------------------------
    180gr Speer GDHP bullet
    180gr Blue Dot 11gr 1295fps
    165gr Speer GoldDot Power Pistol 10gr 1314fps

    Hornady 7th edition Manual------------------------
    Hornady’s 180gr bullets MAX: AA #7 12.0 gr @ 1200 fps
    155gr HP XTP MAX: AA#7 14.6gr.

    Speer #14 Manual-------- 5” barrel
    180gr GDHP or TMJ-FN MAX BlueDot 11.0gr @ 1295 fps.
    Strangely, the Speer manual does not list AA No.9
    for 180gr bullets, but does for some of its lighter bullets in 10mm.
  2. Moki

    Moki Well-Known Member

    Jun 30, 2009
    AA #9 is a great beginner 10mm loader powder you cannot stuff enough into a case to create to much pressure.

    IMR800X produces about the fastest velocities but it is a tricky powder to work with when I load it I weigh each charge individually.

    The best powder for both high velocity and ease of loading (progressive) is Blue Dot and it is now my favorite 10mm powder due to this.

    I reserve my 800X loads for when I want the best most accurate/highest velocity from my 10mm's...
  3. yorke-1

    yorke-1 Well-Known Member

    Jul 5, 2008
    Another vote for Blue Dot. I have a Dan Wesson CCBT and I run a healthy charge of Blue Dot and a 180 XTP for full power loads. They're pretty hard on the gun though, so I wouldn't shoot the super charged stuff all the time.

  4. Moki

    Moki Well-Known Member

    Jun 30, 2009
    Also get yourself a Lee Factory carbide crimp die and crimp all of your loads with it it you will never have a feeding issue due to your loads if you do this.