Feb 27, 2004
I am looking for a good gunsmith. In the dalles ft.worth area. Possably doing a trigger job and adding a muzzle brake.
there not in your area but they are fast and one of the best there is any where. it took less than 30 days after the barrels came in to get my work done and back to me.i had a local smith do some work a good while back and it took close to a year.close is not always faster thanks,keith

I am no where near your area but you could ship it to my shop and I would get the brake fitted and trigger tuned and back in shipping in less then a week.

What brand of rifle do you have?

My shop is in Montana but I do out of state work all of the time, no big deal in shipping rifles.

If your interested in prices let me know. I will guarantee a 1 week turn around once I get the rifle.

Good Shooting!!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Allen Precision Shooting

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Might want to go over to benchrest central alot of gunsmiths around your area that do work for those guys I know SGY and think Dorsey is around you somewhere but can get there # over there. I'm kind of like you want to see the work hard to see over a phone. Too many gunsmith that are living legends in there own mind. Good luck.
Paul Dorsey is in Waxahachie,Texas and does excellent work in a reasonable amount of time.Speedy Gonzales is in Roanoke,Texas and as described earlier is an ego maniac who will take forever and charge like crazy for standard work.Both have done work for me and Dorsey will do work again while Speedy won't.
Lynn, I've had acouple dealing with Speedy and he has always been fair. My last was a 30x47 hunter BR rifle. I was thinking of sending acouple trigger over to Dorsey to have him make those change to them. I've never had any gunsmithing done by him but from everything I've hear is is a pretty good guy. Now as to what a guy charges. Most gunsmith around where I live charge appr $165 for a muzzle break can take up to 30 days, guy about 50 miles south charges $80. and turn around time 2 days. The guy I use just increased his chamber price $50. and that increase makes him the highest around here for a chamber job so do you stay or jump ship? I guess his ego is to raise prices. Well good luck.
Tell you what, send your stuff to me next time. If I say 2 weeks it will be there in one.
Well, Lynn sound like you had a nightmare. My dealing were on a rifle that he built so things when pretty smooth. Who know what some of these gunsmiths do. I'm at a point now where I want to do business with a local saves alot of hassle. I find when sending things out kind of got the, out of sight out of mind thing. Speedy was lucky with you I'd gone after his FFL. I had dealing with one of those famous gunsmith well known from PA just gave him two choice either send back now or. Got my stuff back in less than a week. Anyway hope the rifle shoots good. Where you at in Calif? I was born in Oakland and raised in SF. I kind of got started in BR out in the bay area moved to Co got great gunsmith here Dan Dowling,Skip Otto,Gen Tec,High Tec list can go on and on. Only problem here is not much of a season for BR so just put the BR rifles away. Well good luck.
Speedy did in fact assemble and build the whole gun i just supplied the action,barrel,trigger,stock,butt pad,barrel block and sleeve.He did all the work including getting it painted.It is on my home page I sold it too Stuart Lee in San Jose unfired on Thursday as it came in the mail on a Tuesday.I lost $1500 in less than 48 hours and had Mike Bryant build my next 300 Ackley a real shooter.I forgot to tell you he never put a window in the sleeve so the serial number wasn't visible.This made for a tense couple months as ATF was ****ed and wanted to keep the gun as Speedless gave them 3 different serial numbers before getting it right.Never try to transfer a gun in Caleeeefornia without a serial number that is clearly visible.I live in Santa Rosa about 55 miles north of the city as we call it.My father left Kansas street in 1945.
Forgot to mention Gary Alvey at G-G machine in Grand Junction,Colorado built my latest 300 Ackley with an all aluminum stock of his own design.Looks like a Baer but with nicer lines.
Let me tell you right off 50-100 dollars either way wouldn't be what i consider a determining factor in choosing a gunsmith.By the way the Harrel bros sell there muzzlebrake for $30 As to Speedy i'll tell you my story.I contacted him 9 months before the 2002 1000 Yard NBRSA Nationals and asked him how long to put my gun together as i had EVERY PART.He quoted me 2 months and the parts were shipped along with a $1250 deposit.6 months later i called to see what was happening and was told the metal work was all done and we were waiting on the stock to be clearcoated.He estimated shipment in 2 weeks time.One month later i called after my e-mails went unanswererd.I was told he was working on the barrel and the gun would be shipped in days.After i missed the Nationals it kept getting harder and harder to even contact him as he has caller identification and would avoid the calls.At the 16 month mark on a quoted 2 month job i had Wilbur Harris the southwest regional director and owner of Benchrest Central give him a call on my behalf and to avoid litigation.I was given a 2 week estimate and a $1585 bill or a total of $2943 to assemble the rifle remember he supplied nothing.It showed up 2 months later after an additional $85 shipping fee on top of the original $55 i had already paid.It cost me less than $40 to get him all the parts shipped and insured.The clearcoat finish cost was $650 and Micheal Kavanaugh the painter who did the work after hearing this offered to paint my next rifle for free.He no longer works for Speedy.All of this can be verified by Wilbur Harris,Michael Kavanaugh or Yvette Gonzales as Speedless doesn't talk to me anymore.I still get is e-mails though soliciting my business and his christmas cards.
Lynn, my folks use to live in Kenwood gotta love the wine country. I've got a Mike Bryant 6.5x284 only wish I'd of got an antelope tag this year I need to check on left over tags. Your rifle deal sounds like some of my horse things buy high sell low . I've heard good things about Alvey I think he was trying to get some BR matches started over on the western slope but lasted acouple years. I just had a 300wsm done up with a Broughton 5r barrel and may look at doing an 300AI with that barrel. I had the guy that works for Lee Six (Mel) chamber some rifles for me he did up a 222AI and thats about one of my best varmit rifles. I've got one of the last BR rifle that Sinclair made and it was done up on one of those sleeves no hole for # and my heavy BR rifle has the new style sleeve. I've still have one sleeve around here but is the old style with no hole cann't sell it. Well best sign off. Tom
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