forming 6.5-06 brass


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Feb 18, 2008
Can 6.5-06 brass be formed by using 270 win brass, or is there something in the shoulder length of the 270 that won't allow it?
I always use 25-06 brass just so i don,t have to trim right away.
I just got back from a hog hunt in texas and there was 6 guys all of us like to bowhunt but we had rain that made it hard to get around, so we broke out the guns and shot 20 hogs of those 20, 12 were shot with my 6.5-06 because nobody seems to think they can miss with that rifle.
I,ve had that gun for 23 yrs. and it still is my fav.
I knew the necks were longer on the 270 case, but was not sure if the shoulder location is the same. I would neck down 270 so i could turn the necks.
thanks for the lead, mountanarifleman.
would the a-square brass be the AI version of the 6.5-06?
also,i am sitting on a bunch of 270win brass and wanted to know if it would work.
if it is to much trouble, might just go with the 264 win.
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