Field ballistic systems


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Dec 4, 2008
hauser, id.
I want to expand to the tech age a little more for more precise long range shooting. I am somewhat of a computer dummy:cool: so was wondering what systems you guys prefer for accuracy and ease of use in field situations. Any advice would be appreciated........Rich
I like the FTE program on my ipod that is currently in discussion. Not only can you pull up your charts, but listen to music, watch a movie, or play a game while waiting for your quarry!!!:D Well that is what I do between glassing fields groundhog hunting.

Really take a look at Loadbase 3.0 from Patagonia ballistics. It really has everthing but is as simple to run as you want to make it.
A recent upgrade added modeling for bullet drag and bc based on bullet measurements that you might be interested in. Another one is being able to work on ballistics on your desk top and then sync it to you hand held go to the range and then sync it back to the desk top. You can also scan a target and save it with the range info and load info.
You get both desktop and PPC for the one price no buying over if you want to change.
I can lay out 6 different tracks side by side on the desktop version and compare different bullets or loads then graph them or drop them to excel to make custom drop charts.
The list of things it does is stagering and growing.
Loadbase is really stacked but easy to use IMO!!
Forgot to mention that I have a Mac computer so systems that would be compatible with it would be what I'm after?........Rich
I heard about a program on the radio for the Mac that lets you run windows aps but I can't remember the name. I think I would buy a 300$ mini just for this, or get an i-touch and run FTE.
I wonder about FTE's accuracy at more extreme range as it is running JBM and I have heard that kinda peaters out past 1000yrds.
I know the i-phone would be a a wreak for me, I would end up running it through something or running it over.
I have "BULLETFLIGHT" on my iPOD. Pretty simple. It cost me $30.00 for the latest edition and down loaded it to my Mac.

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