Fast Twist Barrel?


Sep 17, 2004
Spanish Fork, Utah
My buddy has a Rem. Model 7 in a 22-250 with a 1/9 twist barrel. We want to do some tinkering with heavier bullets, now he is shooting a 55gr Nosler and his groups are averaging about 1 inch. Some of the questions that we have are: is a heavier bullet going to work better for accuracy and which bullet, what powder would be best so that you get good load density and so that all the powder burns up before it reaches the end of a 20 inch barrel? He is having issues with pressure(hard bolt lift) with 36.5grs of H380, whats the relation between a fast twist and this excessive pressure?
I was wondering if some of you AR guys could help out with these questions also because you guys are generally shooting short, fast twist barrels.
Thanks and Happy Hunting,

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Jan 21, 2002
Wenatchee, WA
Well, generally longer bullets = longer bearing surface = higher pressure, so I'd say you probably need to find some load data and back off a ways. I don't know if the heavier bullets are going to improve your accuracy a lot; what I've heard generally is they aren't quite as accurate, in an absolute sense, as the lighter bullets in a given caliber (50-55gr for the .224), but keep it together better at longer ranges, so it's sort of a trade-off. If the gun already won't go under an inch w/ 55gr bullets, I don't think it's going to do much better w/ the heavier pills, but I could be wrong.



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Feb 8, 2002
Jackson MI
I found a chart at one of the barrel makers (can't remember which). I was going to e-mail it to you but you have your private message blocked. It shows a 22 cal with a 1:9" twist is suitable upto 70gr. bullets.

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