Do you use a windmeter?

Yes, almost every shot beyond 500 yards. I use a Kestrel 2500 NV. Kinda wish I would have gotten a 3500 for humidity, but the humidity makes so little difference in the tradjectory it is not an issue.

I can see one being "under gunned" but never "over gunned":rolleyes:
I have the Kestrel 3500. As in another post, if one is going to "get 'er done" then it is attention to the smallest detail that will differentiate between success or failure at a humane and ethical shot at long range. Knowing the environmental conditions are just one of those details that helps insure success with that one cold barrel shot.
Are you joking? two meters... :)
In the pic, the first one is almost twice as big, about 1.8 times and
the other one is close the the right size.

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