Do I just have a lemon or what


Sep 25, 2012
Ok so I have been working on trying to find a load for my buddy's 30-378 for a elk hunt in November so far I have had no luck at all. I first tried factory rounds witch I could not get to group any better than 2in so I went got the dies and some Berger bullets at 210gr and played with what seemed like tons of COL lengths and powder charges and after a full box of 100 rounds over weeks of trils I still could not get anything under 1.5in so I then when down to my local gun shop picked up more H1000 and was talked into trying the noslor partitions and agen still no luck they were a little better than factory but still only a little better than 2in... So now that I'm down to 32days befor the hunt I'm going to try one more time what would everyone suggest now I may be way off but I was thinking the Berger 230gr hybrids the barns triple shock or the noslor Accu bond in 200gr now my gun is a factory weatherby Accumark with a 1in10 twist barrel .... Thanks any advice is welcome !
1-10 twist might be a little fast for a heavier 30 caliber bullet. Check your manuals and see what twist rates were used for the test guns. Or call some of the bullet manufacturers and ask for guidance. I had to do that with 6.5 that has very s-l-o-w 1-7 when trying to get 120gr bullets to shoot.
Does it throw them all over the paper right from the get go even with a cold barrel or will it give you 2 close then as it heats up they start spraying all over the place???
Ya right from the start it's all over the map and in our range we have 15min to shoot so I was shooting 2 shots per 15 min but ya seems like most think I might be better off with the noslers so I might try that
200 grain Barnes LRX if you can get them. Barnes bullets love to be jumped to the lands so most of the time they shoot well in a weatherby chambered rifle.
Hey thanks everyone for everything. So ya I guess it's back to the drawing boards. Well I'm going to order some 200gr accu bonds and some 200gr barns but my next question is does anyone have any advice on what COL's and charges to start with right now I have a bunch of H1000 at my house so I'm trying to stay with that if at all possible!
I have loaded many accumarks in 30-378 with 210 Bergers and H-1000. They all shot great holding most 1/2 moa with 3 shot groups. I bedded every one of these rifles as the factory aluminum bedding rail fits loose. If this rifle is spreading them all over the place I would look at these things.

Scope... What is it? Can you swap one out to see if it helps?
looses or weak mounts and rings, any EGW stuff involved here?
Shooter flinching from a big magnum
Bore fouled from copper or from different alloy bullets run through it.
I would also inspect the crown very closely.

Is this a new rifle? How many rounds through it total?


ps: the rifle below is a 30-378 accumark and it was shooting 210 Bergers when it took this elk.
Ummm ok well ya I just have a lupold vx3 on it right now with there rings and bases and the rifle has 110rd threw it and was thoroughly cleaned every 10 and I always watch not to over heat my barrel by making sure I only shoot about every 5 min ummmmm let's see ya I'm a little new to this rifle thing but m trying to be as careful as possible to keep track of everything I can cuz I come from an archery background and figure it's going to be the same with this and it's going to be the small things that make the biggest difference...
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