did some shooting this weekend...


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Jan 21, 2007
Grafton, WI
I went up and visited Coyboy(centershotrifles.com) who put together my handgun. We met on Saturday morning and got a 600 yard zero before going off to a coldbore shoot. I used exbal to try to get close, after clicking the turret to where exbal said it should be I tried a shot at the steel he had hanging. After a few minor adjustments(1moa) I shot this 3 shot group at 600, this was also my first time attempting a group at this far of a distance.

I think Jim was a little suprised at what they are capable of! Then he let us shoot his 243ai savage and his 338 edge, I will have one someday. Then we went to a local club and shot at the 600 yard target. The conditions were almost perfect, barely any wind. I'm not sure how I did but I'm betting it wasn't that bad... Here is a picture of my Pistol and one of its victims...

At the clods bore shoot I must not have factored enough hold over for the wind. I was 7'' right...
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Yep, I was impressed. Matt is a very good shot with that pistol. Matt and his friend Ryan had to leave the shoot a little early so they didn't get to see the board come back.

The guys at the shoot were all eyes on when they were touchin' off them hand cannons, and after they left the local fellows were still talking about them.

I think a couple guys were considering having to get one.

I'm glad Matt and Ryan had a good time, I did as well.
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