Defensive Edge "Send It Volume 2 - Preview"

Man it will be easy for me to learn from you since you are left-handed and shoot a right-handed rifle. I do the same.

People always ask me how I do follow up shots. My reply is if I do my part I shouldn't have to.

Can't wait for volume 2.

Brent (salivating a little)
If memory serves me correctly, Lee H. Oswald was a lefty and firing a right handed rifle. His follow up shots were pretty fast.
Please don't anyone hi-jack this thread with the "grassy knoll" theory. lol

Great preview. Good video, sound and shooting.

Tom, get back to your other thread and finish the story.:)
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I had the pleasure of taking Shawn Carlock's long range class last summer. Talk about amazing, this class speaks for itself. If you want to do it right, this is where to start and then its up to you to get proficient. I took my first long range elk, (890 yds) last fall after using what he taught me. This video is just what fed my interest along with being a person that cant walk great distances to close the gap, so I use my rifle to close the gap and this class teaches how to do it. Cant say enough about it.gun)
Ya know, I've been thinking again. I think y'all need GPS microchips in those bullets so that once you walk all that way you can find your animal!!! At least our military has a "dump and leave" philosophy, LOL!!!
I received Shawn's latest DVD about a week ago. I would highly recommend this DVD for shooters of all skill levels. Shawn and the "Send It" gang have got this long-range stuff down to a science. I can't wait for the next one.
just a suggestion. It would be helpful to know what loads you are using in the videos. Maybe put in the video your dope data, the environmental and the load.
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