Defensive Edge -"Send It" Volume 2


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Feb 14, 2006
Eastern NC
I was fortunate and "won" the auction to receive the first of these videos several weeks ago. Over the last few years I have collected almost every long range shooting and hunting video that I could find in order to gather the knowledge necessary for this pursuit. Being from eastern NC, I had never even considered taking a shot over 300 yds. and absolutely never considered touching a scope dial other than to "sight in" at the beginning of the season. Well, that was then and this is now. With each new video has come more knowledge and expertise, as well as a host of new equipment and a variety of long range rigs. This pursuit for range, accuracy, proficiency and expertise has been a costly but enjoyable journey and I thank the many people on this site for all your help.

I could never do a just review of Shawn's newest video, "Send It" V2. I will leave that to the more gifted writers on this forum. Suffice it to say that it is by far the best long range video I have seen yet. The combination of technical information coupled with real life hunting and practice situations makes this video unique. I have always enjoyed the hunting stories on LRH told by the likes of Shawn, Kirby, Nate, Buffalo Bob and many others. This video actually takes you and puts you in the hunt! You are exposed first hand to the real life issues of dual winds, updrafts, non stationary targets, etc. Perhaps my favorite episode was the taking of the 1935 yd. deer!!! The way this shot was set up, practiced and executed was a testament to the professionalism of Shawn and Travis. Every variable had been comprehended and calculated and the culmination of their efforts resulted in an astounding yet highly repeatable shot. If you enjoyed "Send It" V1, then this Volume 2 is a must have! Thanks Shawn for letting us "tag along" w/ you, your Dad, Travis and others on the many great hunts and practice drills on this video.
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