Defensive Edge "Send It Volume 2" auction for RMEF

Shawn Carlock

Jun 11, 2007
North Idaho

OK here is the deal, I have one sample copy of the new yet to be released Send It Volume 2. I will auction it off so that the winner can be the first kid on his block to see a kill on video over 1 mile (1935 yards). The proceeds of this little LRH auction will go to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. You must be a member of this site prior to this post to bid. The bidder will be the highest place bid on this thread only on Monday the 22nd around noon. I will simply post in and say it is over at that time and mail the DVD as soon as the auction is over. The winner will have the preproduction copy 2-3 weeks before anyone else. I thought this would be fun and a good donation to RMEF, so simply place you bid right here in a post. They will retail for $19.95 so I think $20 would be a good place to start.
Auction is closed. Jett PM me your mailing address and I'll send it out tommorrow. You can send a check to:

Shawn Carlock
PO Box 889
Rathdrum, ID 83858

Thanks for supporting RMEF
Thanks Shawn. I can't wait to see your new video and I am glad to support the RMEF. It would be really cool if you could screw my new EDGE barrel on tonight and just ship my new toy with the video tomorrow! Think of all the postage you would save! LOL!
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