Decision time..(NF 5.5-22 vs 8-32)

Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
.. I'm gonna order an NXS in the next coupla days and it's decision time.. I was pretty sure of the 8-32x but I hear a lot of opinions that the 5.5-12x has some advantages.. Scope will have S1's NP-R2 reticle and will be used mostly under 1K for varmints and deer from a "stationary" rifle.. Opinions requested..
Roy says better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.. Waddayouthink.?? JiNC
Jake you posted "5.5-12", I assume you know it's a 5.5-22 and mistyped. 12 would not be enough, but 22 is just way nice on targets.

I feel strange using all 22 power though, probably because I'm so acustom to 12 at max and it's such a huge jump and small field of veiw from what I'm so familiar with. 30x would be nice if always at or beyond 1000 yards but not unless, for me. Sometimes I already feel like I'm looking through a paper towel roll as it is. I think I'd get closterphobic looking through a 30 power tube and trying to find the target at 8x would be even tougher yet too.

I agree with Roy on this one too, the more just come in the form of FOV field of view though.
32 power is great past 600 yards on cold dry days. 8 power is not to cool on close range targets. Unless the rifle will make its living past 600, I would choose the 5.5x22.
I don't like too much magnification. Kills my FOV. Plus I believe the NP-R2 is a non-magnifying reticle so it works on high power.

How often are you going to be on 32X?

The leupold on my STW is 3.5x10. My Lapua is getting a 4.5x14.

I don't shoot varmints, just deer & up so you probable could use a little more power for the varmints.

I think the 5.5 x 22 would be perfect for you.
Its 2.5x on the bottum and 10x on the top power I think you should have the 5.5x22 and 8x32
But if I had to pick one the 5.5x22 for the elevation adjestment but that would only come into play past 1000 yards. I have a 8x32 and shoot 32 power a lot.
Crow Mag
..Hmmm.. Still kindof a head-scratcher.

Brent.. I don't know how many times I proof read my post.. Man, I must be geezin'.. Yessir,I did mean 5.5-22x.. Hehehe.. You said " 22 is just way nice on targets." What targets are you referring to.? Live or paper.? My concern was that a 'hog makes for a small target on out past 5 or 600 yards.. But finding them in a plain green backdrop is a pain with a small FOV, also.. In reality,most shots will be well under 1K with the majority under 750.. This rifle is a 280AI(as of today @ 1435hrs,anyhow.) pasture/cut-over special.

S1.. No "Howdy" today.?? Feelin' sick.?

Unfortunately,my little fat furry friends don't seem to have an appreciation of colder weather.. But I DO have a few six-packs of cheap soda that don't care what the temp is
.. So shooting is done in both conditions.. Roy's theory being that I can always throttle back the 8-32x but there's nothing I can do to increase the 22x.. However.. I have a 20-60x spotter and I routinely have to cut it back to half power to get the clearest image of a target at 500 yards.. Hence,my reason for seeking the advice of others who have been down this path prior to my arrival.. The consensus seems to lean to the 5.5-22x .. My usual 'hoggin setup is one "long gun" and a Contender pistol in .17Rem for anything under 250 or so.. So the possibility of "shorter" shots is high..

John M.. I know whatchya mean about the "too high" magnification.. Roy brought one of his 36x BR scopes afield once and it wasn't very easy to find 'hogs with it..

Crow mag.. I can count on you to finance that little venture(two NF's) for me,right.?
I know you shoot crows.. Have ya done any 'hoggin with your setup.??

I have shot deer crows ground hogs Prairie Dogs with the 8x32 and like the ability to crank the power up. I have had the 8x32 NF on my 220 swift 6.5/284 and 338 Yogi it is clear on 32 power . I shot with RBrowning yesterday we could see the numbers on the target at 900 yards on 32 power in the snow with low light. As for the finances I will get one for you if you get one for me

Crow Mag
Yes its true that you can turn 32x down but you can't turn 32 up.


The NP-R2 Reticle is non-magnifying so you will use it on 32x. you can do the math in your head to use it 16x or 8x.

What about 17-31x?

22x can be used @ 22,11 & 5.5x

500/22 = 22.72
22x will make a 500Yd target apear to be 22.72 yards.

Good luck
You're really in an area you could go both ways man. I do a lot of hunting under 300 yards with mine so there's no way that rifle will have a 32x on it, 8 just doesn't offer the FOV needed to find and follow game.

I think like S1 said, if it is 600 yards or so and better a 32 would probably be fine, but under that your running into more and more comprimise. At 700 and out the 32 would start to shine on targets at a foot or smaller.

I shoot the basic Leopold targets and they're good to 500 yards or so on 10-12x but beyond that I like the 22x or I have to modify my targets with a marker to see so I can really be consistant with the aim point.

I wouldn't worry about the adjustment range with either, that can be worked out fairly easy. You'd be happy with either one so I wouldn't fret it too much.
A fixed 36x would suck in the field.

Think 8x vs. 5.5x, those are easy to compare with what you have in the field, just give it some good thought when comparing them. 32x is a big step up over 22x also, so you WILL see things like ticks
you won't see with the 22x.
One thing that hasn't been mentioned much is the environmental distortion that occurs at long range. I myself would go with the 5-22x over the 8-32x. Mirage will kick in heavy at 400 yards and beyond. Sometimes 10x is too much but not very often.
Thanks for the advice,guys.. I'm gonna wait till I find a used one or SWFA gets more in if I can stand it.. I really think NF is a great scope but their practice of price fixing really chaps my ***..
.. If mirage is a problem I'd think that turning the power down on either would be a solution..
There are people out there that will negociate the price privatly, I found two locally. They would both order them and I would just have had to wait a week or so. They will not of course tell NF they do or that's the end. I think they wanted a little over $1100. for the 5.5x22.

I got mine on an IOU at a local shop and had a couple months to pay for it, so I paid the $1200. instead just to take the piece home that day.
I have 3 8.5-25x50 LR Leupolds and they are a little much for shooting deer at ranges you are looking at-- there IS a big difference in 5.5x and 8x--field of view drastically decreases going upi to 8x. I can consistently hit deer size vital areas out to 1000yds. with the scopes set on 8.5x.
I will agree with S1 on this subject and say go with 5.5-22x56 and be happy...
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