Customizing 700 LA


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Sep 8, 2014
Pueblo West , Colorado
I am building/ having a Remington 700 LA trued and blue printed. I am wondering if anyone can speak on is it worth opening up the action to allow for seating depth of the bullet to be longer or is the bullet encroachment on the powder really that big of a deal?
Standard long action probably not unless you’re going big .308/.338 and wanting to shoot heavy bullets. If it’s a LA magnum then yes. Do a Wyatt’s or something bigger.
Depends on the chambering choice. Smaller calibers with shorter bullets don't need the extra length in most cases.
A .264WM, 6.5-06, .25-06, 6mm-06, not worth it, not needed.
Something like a .270AI, .280AI, .30-06, etc. that can run long, heavy bullets, a Wyatt's box might help.
With a magnum round, depends on the round.
A 7RM or 26 Nosler won't see much benefit. But a .300WM, 28 Nosler, 7RUM, .300RUM etc. gets a big benefit from a Wyatt's box.

For a .338 RUM, no brainer. Do the Wyatt's box.
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A RUM case is about.300 longer than a WM. A WM you can probably get away with a 3.85 for any bullet, a RUM needs a 4" without a bunch of the case stuffed down in the case.
If it's just for powder it is not worth it at all. I knew a guy that wanted the last .050" throat on a .224" caliber to gain some powder capacity and it added about .01 of a grain of powder.
It's not just about powder, it's about getting some of the bearing surface out of the neck and adjustability for seating depth to get the most performance speed wise and accuracy.
Think of it just like a race car, adjustability to make one handle good and go fast it goes hand in hand
the 338 rum is .090 shorter that the 300 rum I run my 338 rum with a 250 berger i run around a 3.75 overall length
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