Customizing CZ Rifles

Scot E

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Mar 1, 2008
SW Idaho
I have a buddy that has a couple very nice CZ rifles that are really good shooters in their stock form. He wants to get rid of them for a very good price but I am curious about how they are to work on if I wanted to customize them with new barrels, bedding, bolt face work, accurizing type mods, etc. How are they when it comes to setting them up for true long range work?

Any info would be appreciated.

Scot E.
Nobody's played with the CZ's huh? I have been so impressed with their stock guns I figured someone would have seen what could be squeezed out of them.
I've a little experience. I've done two. I built a custom 260 on one (with my own hands), and trued, bedded, and tuned the trigger on another.

As a hunter / shooter I was happy with my CZ's. Lot of nice feaures, good accuracy, for a great price. As for working on them, they are something of a pain. Typical accurizing steps will be no big deal. Not slick like a Rem, but no big deal.

Only custom components I used were barrels. I'd make sure you can even find any aftermarket components you want. Acton threads are metric and very coarse. Make sure your smith will cut them. Straight Shot Gunsmithing will.
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