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  • Hi BJD
    Piers Morgan is a Monumental Arse. He is in America because he has little Credibility in UK. He was Editor of one of our Left leaning Newspapers called the Daily Mirror. He ran a front page story complete with pictures of British Soldiers allegedly mistreating Iraqi prisoners. The story turned out to be a hoax and totally untrue, the pictures being faked. He had to resign. The man as far as i am concerned is a traitor. He stabbed our Soldiers in the back by running this story without thoroughly checking its validity. When our lads are fighting in the **** holes of the world they deserve our support and respect and what Morgan did was unforgivable.
    I saw a few of his anti gun interviews, i thought jessie ventura gave a good account of himself. I think Morgan should read some History of how the United States came to be and the People who created it, then he should read the Constitution.
    Would love to travel to the States mate.
    Keep well
    Hello Brit,
    The fight is indeed on. The 2A is under attack and we have 24 hour news stories doing the full court press on public opinion. Our legislators are selling us out, in California, those who can are moving out partly from the 2A assault and partly from the tax and legislation assault.

    When you have freedoms, why would anybody try to emulate Western Europe?

    By the way, is there anyway we can get you to take peers Morgan back?

    Are you doing any traveling to America?
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