Crow Hunt


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Mar 17, 2002
Excellent day of crow hunting today. I set up in my big been field with my 6.5/284 LG with the intention to shoot some long range crows. There were some crows in the field when I was setting up so after setting up I glassed the field with my 7x42 Swarovskis and picked one out. The one I picked was in a spot I shoot a lot he was sitting on my 720 yard bank. I put 16 MOA elevation in the 24x Leopold scope and 2.1/4 MOA for windage. Put the cross hare on the crows chest and pulled the trigger. The 140g Amax connected. I drove down and picked hem up then went back to the hill to wait for more crows to land after a bought 20 minuets one landed I had to range this one with my Wild range finder 720 meters I put the clicks into the scope 19 1/2 MOA elevation and centered the cross hare pulled the trigger and watched the crow fly off impact was 6" down wind with good elevation. I waited for another crow to land in the field another 30 minuets and one landed 900 Yards out. I put more elevation and windage into the Leupold total 24 MOA elevation and 3 1/2 MOA windage. I centered the cross hare and pulled the trigger one more crow for the day. I drove down and picked this one up and took the rest of the day off.
I wish I could have joined you
Here in Nevada it is only legal to kill crow not ravens and you have to be able to tell the difference between the two. But as the auctioneer at the Chukar Foundation Dinner said, 'Anyone know the difference between a crow and a raven? The raven is the one that flew off!'
Sounds like a great day to me!
Can you tell us about your rifle? I'm thinking of having a 6.5x284 built for just the kind of varmint shooting you have described.

Hart action Kreiger 28" 8.5 Twist Hart trigger 2 OZ McMillan standard Benchrest stock has a 3 inch wide forend Burris Z rings with inserts Leupold 24x scope S1 brake. Photo is with a B&L 6x24 and before brake.
Crow Mag
crow mag--is that a glue in? or are those holes there from someone else?

was thinking of gluing in a 6.5 for 1k but want to talk tothose who have done it.

BTW--mine is a viper action

whats left of a crow @ 900yds from a 140gr amax? having 6.5/284 built right now, wondering if i should try the 140 amax or just the 142smks. thanks
The action is glued in the stock.

I have tried the 142g smk but like the 140g amax better I have noticed the amax opens varmints up better. I will see if I can get some photos posted.
Crow Mag

Wish I could join you this weekend. Let me know what your plans are for the end of the month beginning of March. I'll let you take my truck for a drive if you are still thinking about buying a Diesel hunting rig.


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Try them both, every guns likes are a little different, it looks like my 6.5/284 likes the a-max but i willn't know for sure till next weekend. Crow mag great shot.

Good shootin,
Hey CM-- went out yesterday for coyotes, and shot one @ 475 with my ISSI AR .223 AI 70 gr JLK @ 3100. Right after that a crow landed @ 680, and i took a piece of him with the 70.
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