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  • Hello Bob! Sonny here, bought your 17MachIV. Please call me when you get this msg.
    651 257 6061
    Gday 'Foxhunter. When you have a fw minutes, can you please tell me a few things about the 6x45 Sako build. I want to build either a 6x45 or 25/222 in a Sako L461. I know the heaviest projectile can get in the 6x45 is the stubby 80 gr Win SP. ..but even then with only tiny amount of room in mag box. The 25/222 will easily take a 75gr HP, and the stubby Win 80 gr too. Did you sell your 6x45 because it let you down, or the act of loading cartriges into the top of the action was too slow/finnicky etc, or another reason related to the rifle or the cartridge feed or performance. I really want to go 6x45 due to its extra mv, and greater flexibility, but the 25/222 should not presnt any problems (?) in the little Sako action. My reckoning is if I cant get 75-80 gr projectiles, its not worth going past 223.
    Your experience, thoughts and opinions very much appreciated.
    Hello, I just came across your .223 encore barrel post. I couldn't tell for sure if you sold it, but am interested in buying it if you didn't. Thanks
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