Crow hunting story


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Mar 17, 2002
I went out today and set up the portable bench and 338 YOGI in the south end of the corn field there were some crows in the middle of the north corn field eating. I was going to just shoot at targets but couldn't resist the live targets in the field. I unloaded the Wild to ranged one, the one all the way to the right he was 870 meters ( 950 yards )out dilled the scope all the way down then looked at the chart 19.7 MOA is what the chart called for the wind was coming out of the south blowing at 7 MPH strait to the bird so I dilled in 19 MOA of elevation for the wind and lined up the cross hare on his chest put my hand on the scope to keep the gun from jumping off target and pulled the trigger. I could see the bullets impact and the crow fell of the corn stalk. I couldn't believe it then I saw his wing flop he was down for good. Packed up the stuff and drove down to see where he was hit had a hard time finding hem but after 5 minutes of looking I saw a black spot in the corn and walked over the 300g SMK hit him in the head. I got the range finder out to confirm the range it was 870 meters from the crow back to the table.

Crow Mag

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Sparrow at 1000 yards haven't tried that one yet
You would need some big eyes for that one

Crow Mag
Awesome shot. Thought the crow would explode from a 300 gr bullet, Is the velocity too slow by then? Do you need more than 2500? 3000? fps to cause them to explode? Or a lighter varmit type bullet?
The crows head did explode but the 300g is about the size of a crows head
I would think if hit in the body he would have been in more than one peace. The bullet is going 1965 FPS at the 870 meters.
Nice story Crow Mag, thanks for sharing! Would have liked to see that one!
Think I know how you got your name.

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..Schweet shooting,crow mag.. Crows around here will usually only allow ya one try at popping them.. After that first impact they make themselves scarce..
..I highly doubt there's enough mass in a crow noggin to get expansion with anything other than "varmint" style bullets..
..Were you able to range off the crow directly with that Wild or did ya have to use something close by.? I've been eyeballing those things and was curious about their use on small targets.. Thanks.. JiNC
Jake in NC

You only get one chance with the crows around here to.

The Wild works excellent you can range small targets with a Wild. I got the reading off the crows body the crow was facing me. I have gotten good readings on Prairie Dogs with a confirmed kill on a PDog at 950 meters and a pile of them from 500 meters on out to 700 meters. You get the best readings with objects like fence posts big game animals legs and horns trees or any thing with a sharp edge. I would recommend the Wild for some one shooting LR if you don't have to carry it on your back far

Crow Mag
Nice Shootin Crow Mag! wish ya would have vidio taped it. That footage would have made believes out of the most stobern non believer
AND Shame on you for using a MK for huntin crows
Happy holidays ya'll
It is still like a video in my head I can still see the impact of the 300g SMK hitting the crow if I close my eyes, what a beautiful site.

That is where you are suppose to hit a crow, isnt it
grin.gif missed his chest that you were aiming at?

Great shot!

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