Crow hunting story

Holy Smokes!! Great Job Crow...


Hi crow mag.
Really nice shot, and pictures.

Can you tell more about your gun.....
Like everything, action,barrel,stock.....
It look's really good
Hi crow mag.
Really nice shot, and pictures.

Can you tell more about your gun.....
Like everything, action,barrel,stock.....
It look's really good
Hi paal
The rifle was built by Dave Tooley
it was built on a Bat action the action is 2 in in diameter and 10 in long.
The barrel is a Lilja 1.450 to 1.20 and 34 in long and a muzzle brake that ads 2 in to the barrel
The scope base is maid by Dave with 4 adjustments 20 MOA on the lowest setting and adjusts 15 MOA increments with a total or 80 MOA plus the scopes adjustment
The scope is a 8x32x56 Nightforce in Kelbley rings
The stock is a McMillan 50 cal stock Big Max that has been modified
The rifle weight is around 40 lbs
I shoot it off a portable bench with a front rest and rear bag
Crow Mag

Great shooting, and with that head shot you didn't ruin any meat
. (The "ethical hunter" types will give you a short trip to the wood shed for that head shot though...)

Great shooting and nice setup...
Crow Mag

You don't need a "barrel block" to hold heavy long barrel? I guess BAT action can handle the stress pretty well, does it?
I just thought that when the barrel is over 30" long, it is recommend to use the barrel block to support. I'll use 9" barrel block for my new Lilji 40" barrel. (new project).

By the way, your rifle is impressive.

Me? 300 Tomahawk :p
The BAT action is doing a good job with the 34 in barrel but I wouldn't go 40 in with out a barrel block I have shot some excellent groups at 1100 meters with this setup. What cartridge are you chambering the 40 in Lilja barrel in?
Crow Mag
crow mag

I'll be using "338 Tomahawk", based on 300 RUM imp. case and neck to .338
It will be used only 300gr SMK.

It will give you a lot of energy at ultra long range. I'll use it for Canadian moose over large swamps and clear-cut trees.

This caliber is an excellent choice if you are planning to use the "factory action".

I believe it is much similiar to your 338 YOGI but in the factory action. It would be great to sit together and start shooting at crows.

P.S. I planned to use 300 Tomahawk but changed my mind and go for 338 Tomahawk for better energy and higher BC.

I forgot to add one more thing about the barrel block. It has an advantage about it. If you have 40 inch barrel and you have 9 inch barrel block. It will not behave like 40 inch, you just substract 9 inch off from the 40 inch. It will behave like 31".
Maybe I should post it in a new topic later to see if it is true.

[ 01-15-2003: Message edited by: Me? 300 Tomahawk :p ]
Sounds like a good project those 300g SMK sure hit hard at long range keep us informed on the 338 imp.
Crow Mag
crow mag,
I just showed my wife the picture of your Yogi. She said the stock looked awful small. I said, Nooooo, it's just that the rest of the gun is so big!

Looking at yours with the LH port, I think I will go with a RH action for my new gun (if I ever get back to work and get some much needed $$$!). Being LH with a RH port is easier for loading, and as long as the bolt doesn't hit your nose, shooting off a bench or prone, being backwards is an advantage. I think I will talk to Dwight about making my Rem a switch barrel, keeping the current 22-250 and adding the 6.5-284.
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